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2011 Survey Results

The results are in!  After an overwhelming response, I finally have the results.  I want to thank all of our customers who responded!  The draw for the MyClyns Disinfectant Spray was conducted and the winner is A. Lepage.  Congratulations!  Now on to the results!


Please rate your experience with sales representative you have spoken with.  

Our business is very focused on our service to our customers, afterall, they are our driving force.  We wanted to know how our customers rated our service.  The question also took into consideration those who had ordered from our web site and did not interact with a sales representative.  The chart above shows that our customers are extremely happy with their experience.  "Other" indicates those who purchased through our web site.


Do you find shipping from Sands Canada to your location fast?

We were concerned about our shipping times.  Over 90% of our customers receive our products through mail service and other forms of delivery.  We wanted to make sure that the time line for shipping was reasonable.  "Other" was used here to capture responses from those who dropped into our store front and picked up their order.  The respondents of our survey have assured us that our shipping times are not only reasonable, but also well above acceptable.


If you had a larger budget to spend on items that you need, how likely would it be that you would order from Sands Canada for those items?


This question was created to reaffirm questions one and two.  If our customers are happy with our service and our delivery time, will this question reflect that as well?  Yes it has!  Over 90% of respondents told us that they would indeed purchase more from Sands if they had more money to spend on products that they need.


What do you find is Sands Canada's greatest strength?

We took this opportunity to ask our customers what they thought are Sands Canada's greatest strengths.  It was also an opportunity to see what was most important to them.  Our customers told us that our product line and customer service are the most important strengths.  In the next second group of results, they felt the ease of ordering and stocked items to be important.  The least important issues to our customers are our prices and shipping times.

Thank you again to all who responded to our survey.  Without your input we would not be able to improve our service to you.


Kevin Davidson
Marketing Director