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The G3 Backup is an exceptional in urban or rural areas where “stay and play” medical protocol ..
The G3 IV Module holds everything you need for a quick IV setup in one convenient module. The I..
The G3 Load N' Go is an ideal pack for fixed wing and critical care transport, ambulance and fi..
The G3 Tidal Volume is the best way to carry oxygen. Securely hold a regular or Jumbo D size ox..
The G3 Golden Hour is the perfect pack for use in close-quarter areas, such as helicopters. Com..
The G3 Quicklook AED was built to accommodate most styles of Automated External Defibrillators ..
The G3 Competitor is StatPacks largest waist pack. The low profile design helps the pack to rid..
The G3 Elevate is a mid-sized waist pack designed to carry first responder gear comfortably and effi..
Oxygen Module.  ***02 TANK SOLD SEPARATELY*** Features Locking buckles for secure fit ..
The G3 Quickroll Intubation Module is designed to organize basic and advanced airway equipment...
The G3 Traverse has a straightforward leg-pack provides quick access to small amounts of BLS an..
With the G3 Universal Cell allows you to keep your random supplies together and quickly accessi..
ONLY 3 BLACK AND 2 RED AVAILABLE! Compact and organized, this module brings all your meds togethe..
    The Med Slinger is the original EMT pack that doubles as a sports medicine pack...
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