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Model: 77818


Most of our bags started out as variants of medical bags and this is no different. Way back in the early 90's I was asked by the owner of another bag company to design a small, lightweight personal medical bag. As we sat at the breakfast table in some hotel in Atlanta, the original design was c..
Model: 77814


PELEE FEATURE VIDEO!The Pelee started life as a medic backpack and after so many clients started using them as a personal bag, we decided to make it official and make one just for personal use. Canadian made for life around the world. it's the perfect travel pack or for daily use. The Pele..
Model: 77229


STEALTH FEATURE VIDEO!I was on vacation a few years back and while walking through a crowd, I saw what I thought was a woman opening her partners backpack while they were walking. At least I hope they were together. As the man was walking, she unzipped the pack and began to remove items.When I retur..
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