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Biohazard Supplies

Model: 83100

Biohazard Bags

Red Plastic Bags 24" x 24".   Individually folded biohazard bags, Sold Single. ..
Model: 83420

Biohazard Clean Up Spill Kit

Product DescriptionPrecaution kit for the safe and convenient clean-up, removal and disposal of potentially infectious body fluid spills; including blood, vomit, urine and fecesMinimizes the risk of cross contamination, controls mold and mildew and neutralizes odoursIncludes an easy-to-use fluid con..
Model: 81001

Vomit and Urine Disposal Bag

Economical collection bag for vomit and urine disposal.  Measured to hold up to 1000cc of fluid.The funnel shaped coated cardboard features a with one-way valve and graduated clear collection chamber.  The funnel folds open to cover the mouth and nose to capture as much of the ex..
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