Suction Equipment
10 FR 3.5" Catheter Sterile - Res-Q-Vac
All catheters are whistle-tipped.  Each is designed and manufactured with smooth edges and spec..
16 FR Suction Catheter - Flexible EXPIRY 01/19
ONLY 40 AVAILABLE EXPIRY 01-19Non Latex Sterile Single Use. Flexible Suction Catheter with thumb con..
800cc Disp. Collection Canister
Replacement Tote-L-Vac 800cc Disp. Collection Canister.  The clear collection cannister has a solid ..
Hydrophobic Filter with 5" Tubing
The Hydrophobic Filter with 5" of tubing. Replacement filter for the Tote-L-Vac. ..
Impact Suction Model 321   Impact 321 Ultra-Lite Suction Unit Weighing only 5.1..
RES-Q-VAC is a hand-operated advanced suction system which provides a full range of suction options ..
Res-Q-Vac Collection Chamber
This is the replacement collection chamber used for replacement after use.  This is the collection c..
Suction Catheter - Flexible
Non Latex Sterile Single Use. Flexible Suction Catheter with thumb control.   Fren..
Suction Connection Tube
7/32" x 72" Connection Tube.  Non-Latex Sterile Single Use. ..
Tote-L-Vac Electronic Suction
The Tote-L-Vac is a very compact battery powered aspirator designed for EMS and patient transport ap..
Tote-L-Vac Replacement Battery
This battery is a replacement for the Tote-L-Vac Suction Unit. Type: Rechargeable sealed lead-aci..
V-VAC 18FR Catheters - Non-sterile
Laerdal V-VAC 18F Catheters - Non-sterile.   Package of 4 catheters. ..
V-VAC Adapter Tips - 4/Pkg
V-Vac Adapter Tips for use with the Laerdal V-Vac Manual Suction Unit. Package of 4. ..
V-Vac Starter Kit
The V-VAC Suction Unit is a manual portable unit designed to provide quick and effective suction. It..
Yankauer Suction Catheter
Yankauer Suction Handle bulbed tip with vent.  Non-Latex Sterile Single Use. ..
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