Suction Equipment

Sands Canada provides EMS with several different options for Suction Equipment.  From suction units like the Res-Q-Vac, Impact, Tote-L-Vac and V-Vac.  We can also get you the replacement parts that your services need for those suction units.  Remember, if you do not see an item you need for one of these units, please contact us - we can more than likely get the item you require.

10 FR 3.5" Catheter Sterile - Res-Q-Vac
All catheters are whistle-tipped.  Each is designed and manufactured with smooth edges and spec..
16 FR Suction Catheter - Flexible EXPIRY 01/19
ONLY 40 AVAILABLE EXPIRY 01-19Non Latex Sterile Single Use. Flexible Suction Catheter with thumb con..
800cc Disp. Collection Canister
Replacement Tote-L-Vac 800cc Disp. Collection Canister.  The clear collection cannister has a solid ..
Hydrophobic Filter with 5" Tubing
The Hydrophobic Filter with 5" of tubing. Replacement filter for the Tote-L-Vac. ..
Impact Suction Model 321   Impact 321 Ultra-Lite Suction Unit Weighing only 5.1..
RES-Q-VAC is a hand-operated advanced suction system which provides a full range of suction options ..
Res-Q-Vac Collection Chamber
This is the replacement collection chamber used for replacement after use.  This is the collection c..
Suction Catheter - Flexible
Non Latex Sterile Single Use. Flexible Suction Catheter with thumb control.   Fren..
Suction Connection Tube
7/32" x 72" Connection Tube.  Non-Latex Sterile Single Use. ..
Tote-L-Vac Electronic Suction
The Tote-L-Vac is a very compact battery powered aspirator designed for EMS and patient transport ap..
Tote-L-Vac Replacement Battery
This battery is a replacement for the Tote-L-Vac Suction Unit. Type: Rechargeable sealed lead-aci..
V-VAC 18FR Catheters - Non-sterile
Laerdal V-VAC 18F Catheters - Non-sterile.   Package of 4 catheters. ..
V-VAC Adapter Tips - 4/Pkg
V-Vac Adapter Tips for use with the Laerdal V-Vac Manual Suction Unit. Package of 4. ..
V-Vac Starter Kit
The V-VAC Suction Unit is a manual portable unit designed to provide quick and effective suction. It..
Yankauer Suction Catheter
Yankauer Suction Handle bulbed tip with vent.  Non-Latex Sterile Single Use. ..
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