Belts & Belt Accessories
Belt - Tactical Style with Accessories
    The EMS Tactical Belt is a two piece nylon belt.  The liner is a velcro clo..
Belt Keepers
2 nylon Belt Keepers with snaps. ..
Combat Style Tourniquet Holster
Durable nylon construction Velcro closure on cover. Velcro strap to secure on belt or bag. ..
Emergency Response Holster Kit
Kit consists of: Nylon Hip Holster reusable penlight 7.5" Shears Lister bandage scissors..
Essentials Holster Kit
$24.08. $18.00.
Kit consists of  horizontal nylon holster, sits horizontally on your belt to avoid having it d..
Flashlight Pouch with Snap Belt Loop
Designed to fit a variety of small flashlights. Snap closure on the back with hook and loop closure ..
Foldout Glove Holder
Made of black nylon with a Hook and Look closure flap, the Foldout Glove Holder has two pockets that..
Glove Holder, Small
The Angus Small Glove Holder is big enough to hold 2 pairs of gloves.  The pouch works like a sleeve..
Heavy Duty Tactical Belt
Ridged belt assembly holds everything a security professional requires in the performance of their d..
Holster 4 Compartment
A Four Compartment Holster with scissor strap and snap closure. Constructed to provide a sturdy leat..
Holster 5 Compartment
A Five Compartment Holster.  This item is available in black only.  This holster comes with a rear p..
Holster Horizontal Nylon
The Sands Nylon Side Release Holster. Holds one pair of Paramedic shears, scissors, flashlight and o..
Holster Leather W/Stethoscope Space
Canadian made, black leather 4-compartment, handy stethoscope pocket. Made locally by area crafts..
Key Clip
1 3/4 Nylon loop with swivel plastic clip. ..
Leather Belts
Our leather belts are made from top Canadian cowhide. This leather belt has nickel hardware and a bl..
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