Fluid Collection Supplies
Bed Pan - Plastic
Plastic Fracture Bed Pan.  Single Use. ..
Bio Hazard Bags
Red Plastic Bags 24" x 24".   Individually folded bio hazard bags, Sold Single.  ..
Biohazard Clean Up Spill Kit
Product DescriptionPrecaution kit for the safe and convenient clean-up, removal and disposal of pote..
Bulb Syringe
3 oz. pre-package bulb syringe. Sterile single use. ..
Plastic K-basin, non-sterile, single use. ..
Red Z Blood Absorber
Red Z™ Spill Control Solidifier A fast effective way to solidify and deodorize potentially infect..
Large capacity plastic single use urinal with lid. ..
Vomit and Urine Disposal Bag
Economical collection bag for vomit and urine disposal.  Measured to hold up to 1000cc of fluid..
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