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When time matters, proper oxygen delivery can mean the difference between survival and recovery in patients with a respiratory, cardiac or stroke event.  This is where the Professional Oxygen Response Kit comes in.


Be prepared with the Professional Oxygen Response Kit:

Qty Item   Qty Item
1 BT-22 Red Nylon oxygen bag (77238)   1 Empty "D" Oxygen Tank (37420)
1 "D" Tank Regulator (37790)   1 Full Set of Oral Airways (38007)
1 Adult NRB Mask (32460)   1 Ped NRB Mask (32960)
1 Adult Disposable BVM (32200)   1  Hand powered Suction (32052)
1 Oxygen Wrench (37423)      


Be even more prepared with one of our many pre-filled trauma kits.


Shown with optional accessory module, sold seperately.

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