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Burn Treatment

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Cool Blaze is the only hydro-gel burn product with Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has been used for thousands ..
If you work or live around an area where you could be burned, then you should have a Burn Kit on han..
Roehampton's Burn Sheet is an extra large burn sheet that wraps completely around the victim for pro..
This thick burn gel cools and soothes minor burn injuries and is packaged in a convenient 4 oz. sque..
  500ml Sterile Water in plastic container with break off lid.  Perfect for irrigation ..
The smallest and most versatile of the fire blankets. Can be used to extinguish flames and smoulderi..
A unique dressing specifically designed to conform to any adult or child's face. Large enough to pro..
A conveniently sized dressing designed to wrap around the wrist and between the fingers to keep them..
A well-suited dressing for the inner or outer area of the forearm. Can also be used on a portion of ..
Our largest burn dressing. Excellent for covering sizeable areas, such as the thigh, shoulder or bac..
A small square-shaped dressing designed to fit the palm of the hand, a commonly burned area, or the ..
Perfect to keep on hand for treatment of burns! Kit contains: small bag 2 x 4" Gauze Roll..
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