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Trauma, Oxygen & Personal Bags

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This product is no longer available.  Please see the Angus TC-7.  We have left this produc..
This product is no longer available.  Please see the TC-1 from Angus. We have left this pr..
The A-600 is no longer available.  Please see the TC-12 from Angus.  We left this listing&..
The Advanced Rescue Pack 2 contains all necessary materials to respond to any trauma or BLS situatio..
This Advanced Trauma and O2 Kit includes all necessary materials to respond with confidence to traum..
1 The Advanced Trauma Kit Includes all necessary materials to respond with confidence. Includes a..
In an emergency, ABC's rules, so get the right piece of equipment first each and every time.  T..
With the A-500 from Pacific Emergency Products no longer available, we have created the Angus A5. Ex..
The ultimate in portable oxygen cases, the BT series has many options. It meets the demands pla..
The Angus BT-3000 is a dual system case that was designed and extensively field-tested for EMS and F..
The BT-5000 is a large and spacious bag that will secure a "D" oxygen cylinder in the main comp..
$130.00. $40.00.
ONLY 2 IN STOCKThe Angus Clamshell design is a tried and tested oxygen case. It has undergone y..
The Angus LP-12 Defib Case is a unique soft case for the LP-12 with semi-rigid protective foam. ..
Keep your narcotic vial and amps close to you at all times. The Angus Narc Pouch keeps your narc..
Wilderness Tough, Urban Ready, Equipment Friendly! The Angus Summit combines all the requirements of..
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