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HAEMOCAP is designed to apply pressure through an absorbent gauze to constrict the flow of blood from a scalp wound to allow for haemostasis. The supplied headband is used to locate and hold the
device in place whilst pressure is applied. HAEMOCAP offers the following advantages over current bandaging techniques:
• Bandages take time to put on
• Inconsistent application dependent on skill
• Does not maintain pressure over time

HAEMOCAP is a PVC medical device and headband used to apply pressure to scalp wounds. HAEMOCAP is used with an absorbent dressing/gauze and suitable vacuum
pump, neither of which are supplied with the device.  HAEMOCAP is supplied non-sterile in a sealed pouch and is single-use. One size fits all.
• Quick and simple to apply
• Higher pressure can be applied to the wound improving haemostasis
• Provides a consistent pressure to the wound without loosening
• Allows for easy inspection or redressing of the wound site
• Single user application

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