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LP-12 Defib Bracket

Brand: Sands
Product Code: 93100
Availability: In Stock

Hang your Physio LP-12 from almost anywhere from your Ferno cot!  The New Sands LP-12 Bracket attaches in place of your LP-12 shoulder strap in less than 5 minutes. 

No need to alter or drill through your cot and adds no weight to the cot. The Bracket weighs less than a pound and attaches to the defib not the cot so the defib can be attached to different cots in your service without having to attach or purchase a pole for each cot.

You can purchase 7 Sands Brackets for the price of only 1 of the pole versions. That is money in your pocket.

Once the bracket is attached, you can place the defib almost anywhere on the cot.

This is not a Ferno or Physio-Control product.

WARNING!  Not intended to be used with the vehicle in motion without supplement restraints.


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