PLEASE NOTE:  At times, due to product availability, Sands reserves the right to substitute the same item from another manufacturer.  As such, photos of the item may differ from the item you'll receive.  If you have any questions please contact


How do I unsubscribe?

Sands Canada rarely sends out emails. If you receive one, please find the unsubscribe link at the very bottom of our email and click on it. In order to subscribe again, you will need to call into Sands Canada to be added to the list.


Will my purchase be secure?

  • Your connection to our web site is secured with an SSL connection. This means that the information that is passed back and forth from our server to your computer is highly encrypted. Also, the communication to our payment processor and our web server is protected by another SSL certificate. It is no easy task to decrypt it.
  • Sands Canada utilizes Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This system adds an additional amount of security. By signing up for this service with Visa and MasterCard, you are ensuring that nobody can just take your credit card number and use it on another online web site that utilizes Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This protects both you and us from fraudulent purchases.
  • Our web site is scanned for PCI compliance and for vulnerabilities on a daily basis. This scan is conducted to ensure there are no vulnerabilities on our site or our server that would could cause your information to be easily compromised.
  • Our web server is protected by a firewall. This prevents access to a server outside the normal access points. Normal access points allow you to see our web site, be able to send email to us and for us to reply. Anything outside of those areas is locked down.
  • A virus scan is run daily on our web server to ensure we do not have anything running that shouldn't be. It also protects us from possibly receiving an email that has a virus attached to it. In addition to this front line scan, our internal systems have a firewall and virus protection running to protect us further from any infected attachments.
  • The majority of compromised credit cards all starts from the system you have used to enter it. Ineffective virus protection or Internet Security software will allow a virus or malware to be installed on your system. This "software" will "listen" to what you type on your keyboard and transmit it to a waiting third party. Always make sure your system is running antivirus/firewall software and is kept up to date. Also scan your system with Malwarebytes or another application like it, to make sure you do not have any of this software running on your system. As an extra precaution, and we recommend it, scan your computer with an offline virus scan. This is a type of virus scan that runs independently and not through Windows. This type of scan will catch those viruses that were written to avoid your Internet Security software. If Windows is not running, it can not hide. Keep in mind that malware and viruses are not strictly found on computers running Windows. Those systems running Mac OS, Linux are susceptible as well, and even tablets/smartphones, albeit, not as often.

What shipping methods are available?

We ship using Canada Post. If you have your own shipping option, please call in your order as there is no way to specify this on our web site. We can also ship on your own Purolator account or other courier, if you have one that provides a better rate. We ship to Canada and the United States.  

You can view the status of your order by logging into your account and viewing your orders. Once an order has been updated as shipped, the tracking link is included in this notification. You will receive an email with this update. In case you don't, log into your account and check the order, you will see the tracking link in the order comments.


How do I cancel an order?

In order to cancel an order, please email The subject should be Order #(your order number) - Please Cancel. Your order will then be cancelled by our sales staff during our regular business hours and a request will be put in to refund any charges to your credit card or PayPal account.


Do you have student pricing?

Yes, if you are registered in a post-secondary program in a qualified field of study. 
Student Pricing Levels


Are Sands products U.S. Berry Amendment compliant?

Products branded by the Sands logo are not Berry Amendment compliant. Angus branded items should be classified as Berry Amendment compliant as a qualified country as all items, with the exception of the labels and shoulder straps, are made in North America. The shoulder straps can be substituted with one that is compliant in order to supply the U.S. Department of Defence or other U.S. government departments that are required to purchase Berry Amendment compliant products.

Due to the amount of brands we sell and how often a product brand may change, we are unable to keep a list of compliant items. If you need assistance with identifying a product brand, we will be happy to provide any information that we can so you can determine if it is compliant.


How long does it take for an order to be processed, packed and ready to ship?

Any orders received after 12pm, Monday to Friday, will be processed the next business day. In the case of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this means your order will be not be processed until Monday.

As long as everything is in stock and there are no custom order items on your order, it will usually ship the same day the order processes or the following business day.


Do you offer free shipping?

Sands Canada does not participate in this marketing scheme. In actuality, you always pay for shipping - no matter what.

The online store may never show you that you are paying for shipping in the breakdown of what you are purchasing, but you really are. They do this by marking their product pricing higher to compensate for the 'free shipping'.

Sands Canada believes in finding the means to save you money by looking at ways to cut the cost of those products we sell. We also believe in showing you the breakdown of what you are paying for and not hiding it, this includes the shipping costs.


What are your shipping rates?

We currently quote using Canada Post. These are real time rates, but are still an estimate. To estimate the shipping of the items in your cart, view your shopping cart. There is an option to estimate your shipping and taxes, click on it. Fill in the form and click on 'Get Quotes'. This will give you a pretty good idea how much your shipping will be.


What is SecureSuite and why is it asking me for a password/to set up a password when I attempt to pay for my order?

SecureSuite is a trusted third party that is contracted by Visa and MasterCard to handle Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. They handle the transaction between yourself and Visa/MasterCard to verify your identity and add an extra level of security when purchasing online. Once you have been authenticated as the cardholder, your payment is then processed.

We have introduced this level of security to our checkout process to ensure that it is indeed you that is making the purchase. It is essentially the same thing as placing your card into a debit machine and entering your PIN.


What does my order status mean?

Pending: This means your order has been submitted, but not been entered into our system.

Pending - PayPal Complete: Your payment method was PayPal, your payment was received. The order has been submitted, but not entered into our system.

Processing: This status indicates that your order has been received and entered into our system.

Backorder - Shipped Partial: You have requested your order to be shipped partial because of a backorder.

Backorder - Held: We are holding your entire order until all items are in stock. You can call in or email us if you would like your order shipped partial.

Shipped / Complete: Your order has left our warehouse. It has shipped, or you have picked it up. Our website does not track your order once it has left our warehouse.

Refunded: We have provided a full or partial refund on your order, this status is usually only applied on orders paid by PayPal.

Held for Manual Review: Our fraud detection system has detected an issue with your order. This is an automated system. We will review the order and possibly contact you to confirm the order information.


Do you have any other locations?

Sands Canada is located in Brockville, Ontario. We currently do not have any other locations.


What is the best way to apply a coupon code?

The best way to apply a coupon code is by viewing your cart. There is an option below your cart contents to apply a coupon code. You would use this option in case you have a coupon code that would give you a free product and no shipping charges. The coupon code would be applied before you check out and you would be presented with an option during the checkout process of "Free Checkout". Selecting this option avoids having to enter a credit card number or your PayPal details at checkout if the balance owed is $0.00.


When checking out, the site says that the product is not in stock. Is this accurate?

If the product you are going to purchase has a drop down selection for size, colour, etc. and the product had plenty of stock, then this is a false positive and just proceed with your order with no worries.

If the product did not have a selection box, then it may be a custom order or it may just simply be out of stock. You can still proceed with your order, which will cause that product to become a back order. Once we have the back ordered product in our warehouse, we will ship it right out to you.


I noticed an error on the website, who do I contact for this?

Our Web Relations/Marketing Manager looks after our web site and he can be contacted at Please include the page address you were viewing and the reported issue.


Do you have a catalogue?

Sands Canada is proud to say that we take being Green very seriously. We have cut our paper usage back considerably over the years and even reuse packaging to ship our products to you.


Will you offer more products on your website?

New products are added to our web site fairly frequently! We also have plenty of products that we are able to order in. What you see on our web site is not everything that we may have in stock. We have taken our best selling products and made it more convenient to purchase. Please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-563-0911 to see if we have your product in stock or to see if we are able to order it in for you.


How long has Sands Canada been in business?

Sands Canada has been incorporated since 1989.