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18 Jan What Makes a Good Trauma Bag? 0 14
What is a Trauma Bag? That’s simple, a First Aid bag is used by individuals trained in basic care. A Trauma Bag is used by medical professionals. These recommendations are for personal use by a trained Paramedic, EMT, Fire Fighter or trained Rescuer ..
18 Jan BASIC Level Car First Aid Kit 0 10
I get asked what makes a good First Aid kit at least once a week. This is a loaded question because some people think that the more, the better. As a Paramedic with 40 years of experience, I’ve become a minimalist, I only carry what I truly need. Ove..
18 Jan Travel Medical Monitoring Equipment
0 8
I have seen some truly archaic medical facilities in my travels that were horrifying. Don’t expect North American style health care in some countries. For this reason, I carry a few items that some might think is a little overboard, but I feel safer ..
18 Jan Travel Carry-On First Aid Kit 0 13
Travel Carry-On First Aid KitAs an avid traveller, and paramedic with 40 years of field experience, I carry a small first aid kit with me wherever I go when I go to another country. Before I begin, I am no way telling you to carry any or all of these..
18 Jan V2 Pants by First Tactical Evaluation 0 6
I purchased a pair of First Tactical V2 Pants in Midnight Blue to field trial. As a paramedic with almost 40 years of field experience, I have had the opportunity to wear a wide variety of styles and pants made from several different materials. Most ..
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