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3M™ Red Dot™ Monitoring Electrodes - 4.4cm
4.4cm dia. Foam Monitoring Electrode, without abrader. 50 Electrodes per Bag This item is cus..
6" Glow Stick
The 6" RED Glow sticks are brightly coloured when activated and last from 6 to 8 hours. Even known t..
Airway - Oral Individual
Guedel Airways come in a variety of sizes, from infant to adult.  Mainly for use in pre-hospita..
Basic Motorcycle, ATV and Snowmobile Kit
 A handy outdoor activities first aid kit.  Contains all you need to prepared for bumps or..
Benzalkonium Wipes - 100/Box
These individual wipes are saturated in a mild sting-free BZK (Benzalkonium Chloride) solution. They..
BP - Multi-Cuff Set
The cuff kit is a comprehensive blood pressure kit with a single tube hand gauge and five cuffs: chi..
BP Cuff - Adult Dual Tube
The Adult Dual Tube BP Cuff is a precise dual-tube blood pressure instrument.  It comes complete wit..
Combat Style Application Tourniquet
The Combat Style Application Tourniquet utilizes a durable windlass system with a free-moving intern..
CPR Pocket Mask w/O2 Port
This new version of the very popular style of pocket mask is available in a low-cost format. A uniqu..
Deluxe Motorcycle, ATV and Snowmobile Kit
An all in one, handy outdoor activities first aid kit.  Contains all you need to prepared for bumps ..
Dickies EMS Tactical Pants - assorted sizes
Features: Available in Midnight Blue only  Fade, Shrink, and Wrinkle Resistant 3M Scotchga..
ECG Monitoring Electrodes
$13.99. $9.99.
ECG Monitoring Electrodes -  30 per package   Monitoring & Diagnostic Electrodes for EMS     ..
Foldout Glove Holder
The Foldout Glove Holder is big enough to hold 4 pairs of gloves.  The glove holder has a belt loop ..
Gloves - Ronco BluRite Plus - 100/box
RONCO Blurite Plus is a durable nitrile examination grade glove with excellent tensile strength. It ..
Holster Horizontal Nylon
The Sands Nylon Side Release Holster. Holds one pair of Paramedic shears, scissors, flashlight and o..
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