Travel Bags

Angus has a very unique perspective on making bags.

Since 1987, Sands has been making Angus Bags. Arguably, Angus is one of the best made bags in the world for medical response. During that time, Paramedics, Fire Fighters and the Military have come to rely on the way we engineer our products. The typical paramedic medical bag gets more action in an average week that a travel bag will see in a year. Paramedics bring their bags with them on every call, they get dropped, kicked, rolled, tossed down stairs, mishandled, mismanaged and seldom get shown any love. Despite that, we still have a Lifetime Warranty on our Medical Bags. 

From the time we started making bags, our bags have been used as camera bags, musical instrument bags and so much more. Customers continuously told us that our medical bags made the best travel bags they've ever used. Entre the Angus Travel Bag line. 

We took our most popular bags and morphed them into travel bags for the well seasoned traveller. 

Because we added a few things, took away a few things, and generally made them probably one of the best travel bags in the world, we now offer a FOREVER WARRANTY only on our Travel Bags. 

We only use Invista 1000D Cordura Nylon on the exterior of our bags. Since 1987, we've been using #10 YKK zipper pulls and inverted metal coils for our main compartment and exterior pockets. You see, according to YKK, metal coil zippers are the best products for bags. If the company that makes the zippers that we use says to use metal, we listen to the experts. 

Next, we line the main compartments of our top tier bags with 420D and #5 YKK zippers. This provides a more finished look and gives the buyer an option to insert our medical foam and have a semi-rigid bag instead of a soft bag. 

You won't find another travel bag with a Blood Borne Pathogen removable bottom. It costs a lot more than the average bag but it extends the life of the bottom and prevents some pretty icky things from getting on your bag when you travel. 

Our comfortable and ergonomic shoulder strap is the same one we use on our medical bags. We have a simple yet effective way of attaching our shoulder straps to the bag using Delrin buckles. It has a proven track record for almost two decades on our medical bags so we are confident you will find them just as useful. 

We invite you, no we challenge you, to find another travel bag with the same features, the same quality, made in Canada that offers so much for the price. 

When you purchase your Angus Travel Bag, send us pictures of you and your bag on adventures. We will post them here and show everyone how much you love your bags. It also makes our staff happy when you enjoy the products we make. 

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