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Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Kits & Triage Tags

Model: 77505
The Advanced Rescue Pack 2 contains all necessary materials to respond to any trauma or BLS situation. Ideal for a first responder.  The Angus TC-3 has a limited lifetime warranty, this does not include the contents.ALSO AVAILABLE - optional Angus Heavy Duty ID Tag item # 11600 price $5.00Conte..
Model: 77506
This Advanced Trauma and O2 Kit includes all necessary materials to respond with confidence to trauma scenarios while being equipped with the comfort of having an O2 kit ready and available.A fully functional trauma and oxygen therapy kit. Includes all necessary materials to respond with confidence ..
Model: 77507
The Advanced Trauma Kit Includes all necessary materials to respond with confidence. Includes an EMS field guide for any quick references you might need.Contains:1 - Angus TC-71 - 94300 Watergel 4oz2 - 94401 Watergel 4x4 Dressing1 - 15096BK Black EMS Shears1 - 15020 Bandage Scissors1 - 15025 Kelly F..
Model: 11999
Style 'A' Form Holder.  Sized 8.5" x 15" stock...
Model: 96259
Comprehensive bite & sting kit for on-site treatment of insect and snake bitesIncludes Extractor Pump for removal of poisons from snakebites, bee and wasp stings, mosquito bites and more Additional first aid items include: sting relief and alcohol prep pads, razor and bandagesIncludes instr..
Model: 57906
100% manufactured in Canada.  The ONLY pouch that is made in Canada.Super strong 10mil ply construction (20mil at seam) - increased resistance to punctures or tearsChlorine-free medical grade high density polyethyleneHolds up to 400 lbsCurved "C" ZipLeak-proof seams12 Convenient carry handlesCr..
Model: 97144
This multi-tool features a knife blade, fork, spoon and can punch. High impact steel handles with inset rubber grips detach to give a two-piece utensil set. The fork pivots to lock the two halves together when not in use for easy storage...
Model: 77518
Keeping some minor first aid items around during sporting events can help an injured player.  Sands has put together the following kit for coaches or parents attending sporting events.Contents:QtyItem QtyItem42" x 3" Large Patch Bandages 101" x 3" Fabric Bandages11" White Medical Tape..
Model: 64052
When work began on the C-A-T® GEN 7, every element that defines a tourniquet designed for combat use, was taken into consideration. The challenge was to find the best, most forward looking way possible to enhance performance and maximize application success. Leveraging input from after action review..
Model: 97151
This saw features an 8-strand stainless steel blade that cuts wood, plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal. The durable nylon wrist straps convert the saw to a snare by passing one wrist strap through the other.For best results, position the cord around the item you wish to cut and hold arms as far ap..
Model: 96310
Poly Tissue Emergency BlanketThis disposable emergency blanket keeps the patient warm and dry. The blanket is soft to the touch and is absorbent on one side and waterproof on the other. Available in Yellow.Tissue Laminate Yellow Poly56 inches wide x 90 inches long..
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