Accessory Modules
The Accessory Module is a perfect module for just about anything!  Can be used with the BT..
Airway Bag for Kings or LMA's
In an emergency, the ABC's rule, so get the right piece of equipment first each and every time. ..
Airway Case
Designed to hold a set of 8 oral airways and 4 popular nasopharyngeal airways. Vinyl window to..
Airway Case - Stocked
Stocked Airway kit features a set a 8 oral airways and 4 popular nasopharyngeal airways in a protect..
Angus Cube
There are options available to store, transport and organize your medications for transport. The ..
Angus IV Transport Module
The Angus IV Module is designed for field use, at home, on the road or in the back of the rig. ..
Angus LP-15 Defib Case
Originally designed by Sands almost ten years ago, Our LifePak R case was designed for the Physio L..
Angus Narc Pouch
Keep your narcotic vial and amps close to you at all times. The Angus Narc Pouch keeps your narc..
Angus Squared
The Angus Squared is a semi rigid design, front, back and main body provides a secure environment fo..
Laryngoscope Bag
A nice module bag for your laryngoscope handle and blades.  The exterior of the module is made of 60..
Nonin 8500 Case
The ultimate soft case for the Nonin 8500 handheld pulse oximeter.  After years of rugged field test..
Sands Blood Stop Kit
Kit consists of: 1 - 4" Gauze roll 1 - combat style application tourniquet 5 - Large glove..
Sands Hemorrhage and Airway Kit
Kit Contains 1 pkg 5 pair nitrile gloves #80286 1 triangle bandage #96560 1 1" roll medica..
Sands Personal Protection Pack
Kit contains 1 pkg 5 pair of nitrile gloves #80286 1 mylar foil blanket #96300 1 cpr face ..
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