Trauma Bags
Angus A5 Semi Rigid Trauma Bag
The A-500 from Pacific Emergency Products is no longer available. We have created our own version o..
Angus Peak Backpack
The Peak is a classic designed to enhance the capabilities of the medic in a rural or urban setting...
Angus TC-1
Compact, rugged and value priced - the TC-1 or Companion is the perfect partner for the field EMT, F..
This is one of the best ways to combine your oxygen and trauma gear in one convenient and easy to us..
Angus TC-12
Versatility, Expandability, User Friendly! The Angus TC-12 is ALS to the extreme.  The TC-12..
Angus TC-3
The Angus TC-3 is an excellent deployment case for response agencies of all sizes. It is also t..
Angus TC-3 ALS
The Angus TC-3 ALS combines the medium sized TC-3 and your choice of any TWO (2) modules f..
Angus TC-5
The Angus TC-5 is a small, versatile and extremely user friendly, the Companion BLS packs a big..
Angus TC-7 ALS
Take the proven performance of the Angus TC-7, add your choice of any THREE (3) Sands Modules (I.V.,..
Angus TC-8
The Angus TC-8 has all the same great features of the Angus TC-7, but with a subtle twist. The x-Tre..
Angus TC-90
    The Angus TC-90 is a versatile case that is perfect for almost any use from pers..
BT-3000 - Angus Oxygen / Trauma Bag  CUSTOM ORDER ONLY
The Angus BT-3000 is a dual system case that was designed and extensively field-tested for EMS and F..
Import Nylon Trauma Bag / TC-7 Style
Our most popular size trauma bag with outstanding features made for price-sensitive markets!  A..
TC-11 Multi-Pocket Responder Bag
The Angus TC-11 Multi-Pocket Responder Bag is versatile and functional.  The two soft front poc..
TC-7 ANGUS Large Trauma Bag
ALSO AVAILABLE - optional Angus Heavy Duty ID Tag item # 11600 price $5.00 The Angus TC-7 is no o..
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