Immobilization & Transportation
On-site trauma versatility for emergency personnel is ensured with the Fracture Management Kit. It i..
Aluminum Scoop Junkin Break-Apart
Designed to gently maneuver stretcher under patient without rolling or lifting. The immobilization o..
Backboard with Pins
The backboard with pins is economical, yet amazingly strong. The shell of the board is heavy duty po..
Basket Stretcher
Yellow high density polyethylene shell supported by stainless steel outer rail, this stretcher is pe..
Basket Stretcher Floatation Device
A unique optional flotation device for the junkin plastic basket stretcher. Perfect for search and r..
Combat Style Application Tourniquet
The Combat Style Application Tourniquet utilizes a durable windlass system with a free-moving intern..
Combat Style Tourniquet Holster
The Tourniquet Holder is made of durable polypro webbing and nylon for superior field performance. W..
Combi Carrier II
Specifications Model: CC2200P - CombiCarrierII Dimensions: ..
CPR Board
The CPR Board is ideal for CPR training and CPR administration by providing a firm surface that help..
Disposable Pillow Cases
White polypro, 1.25 oz.,pillow cases.  Case of 100   ..
Disposable Sheets - 42” x 84
These tear resistant sheets are soft to the touch and provide excellent moisture protection. It feat..
Emergency Blanket - 41" x 72"
This multi-purpose first aid blanket is ideal for stretchers and beds. It keeps the victim warm, whe..
Fast Restraint Strap System
The Original Best Strap™ System provides fast and firm total body immobilization. Secure patient to ..
Flexi Cot Bariatric
The Flexi Cot Bariatric is large enough for those patients that require the extra width and length a..
Flexi-Cot - Chair
Designed to meet the need for a flexible carrier, the FlexiCot moves patients securely and comfortab..
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