Diabetic Supplies
Alcohol Preps - 200/Box
The Alcohol Prep pads are used as an antiseptic topical skin cleanser prior to an injection and disi..
Dex4® Tablets - Orange - 10 Tablets
Enjoy the fresh scent of orange groves. Quickly raise your blood sugar with Dex4® Orange Glucose Tab..
Dex4® Tropical Blast Glucose Gel - 15g
Enjoy the great taste of tropical fruits fused together. Dex4® Tropical Fruit Glucose Gel raises you..
Insulin Syringe - 1cc/mL 28G x 1/2"
1 mL(cc) BD™ U-100 insulin syringe with 28 G x 1/2" self-contained BD Micro-Fine™ IV permanently att..
Lancets Auto - Inject 200 / box
Adequate blood volume,sufficient to lance once! The unique Medlance® plus activation construction..
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