Diagnostic Equipment
3M™ Classic II SE - Teaching Stethoscope
The 3M Classic II SE - Teaching Stethoscope has two headsets, allowing the instructor and student to..
3M™ Ear Buds
Your 3M scope uses either the compression fit or screw type ear buds for your stethoscope. Please ve..
3M™ Littmann® Cardiology 4 Stethoscope - Black
Details Outstanding acoustics with better audibility of high-frequency sounds (adult s..
3M™ Littmann® Lightweight II SE Stethoscope
3M™ Littmann® Lightweight II SE Stethoscope is lightweight and easy to carry. For affordable quality..
3M™ Littmann® Master Cardiology - Black
The Littmann™ Master Cardiology stethoscope offers a handcrafted stainless steel chestpiece with the..
3M™ Littmann® Master Classic II Stethoscope
The 3M™ Littmann® Master Classic II Stethoscope is the most efficient general exam stethoscope. Pate..
3M™ Red Dot™ Monitoring Electrodes - 4.4cm
4.4cm dia. Foam Monitoring Electrode, without abrader. 50 Electrodes per Bag This item is cus..
3M™ Stethoscope Diaphragms and Parts
Sands sells a variety of 3M Stethoscope Diaphragms and Parts.  Prices start at $4.95 and up bas..
3M™ Stethoscope Name Tag
The 3M Stethoscope Name Tag wraps around the tubing and locks in place.  You can either write in mar..
4Square Classic Stethoscope
Premium quality stainless steel chest piece offers superior clear sound transmission. Features in in..
Aluminum Zip Pack Form Holder
Style 'A' Form Holder.  Sized 8.5" x 15" stock. ..
BP - Multi-Cuff Set
The cuff kit is a comprehensive blood pressure kit with a single tube hand gauge and five cuffs: chi..
BP Cuff  - Adult Professional Grade
Similar to our regular dual tube BP cuff, but made to a higher manufacturing standard. Ideal cuff fo..
BP Cuff - Adult Dual Tube
The Adult Dual Tube BP Cuff is a precise dual-tube blood pressure instrument.  It comes complete wit..
BP Cuff - Adult Single Tube
Same quality as our regular dual tube blood pressure cuffs, but with a single gauge and bulb assembl..
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