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Fast Restraint Strap System

Fast Restraint Strap System
Fast Restraint Strap System
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  • Model: 57101
  • Weight: 0.60kg
  • Dimensions: 42.00cm x 13.00cm x 6.00cm
  • SKU: 1280

The Original Best Strap™ System provides fast and firm total body immobilization. Secure patient to a backboard in seconds using the 12 point color coded strap system. The Original Best Strap™ has 5 adjustable torso/limb straps with an adjustable center strap. The suspender style shoulder straps are designed for comfort around the patient’s neck, rather than the choking “V” style found on other strap systems. Made of nylon webbing with hook and loop closures and EZ Peel™ ends.


  • Two suspender style shoulder straps
  • No choking "V" style at neck
  • Five adjustable torso/limb straps, with adjustable center strap
  • Nylon webbing with 4,000 pound break strength
  • Hook and loop closures and EZ Peel ends


** Please note that manikin and board are not included.

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