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Gowns, Coveralls, Disposable Sheets & Accessories

Model: 96400
Single-use Paper Pillow Case, 21 x 30 in, White, CASE OF 100 ..
Model: 96410
These tear resistant sheets are soft to the touch and provide excellent moisture protection. It features a waterproof poly-film layer covered with two exterior layers of tissue. The dimensions of this cot sheet are 42"X84"whitetissue/poly-filmwaterproofCASE OF 100..
Model: 80769
The original CPE Gown is now simply known as the COVERME™ Gown. This strong cast polyethylene product is the only one of its kind with a smooth finish to inhibit bacterial growth. Replace an apron/sleeve combination and reduce your skus and PPE costs! The COVERME™ Gown features a high, apron style n..
Model: 80551
RONCO CARE™ lightweight polypropylene coveralls provide an effective, low-cost garment solution that protects against dry particulates such as dirt and dust in the workplace. They are breathable, comfortable and can be used in a variety of settings such as hospitals, food processing plants..
Model: 80768
These light-weight disposable shoe covers help protect carpet, tile or wood floors from dirt, mud, scuff marks or other contaminants. RONCO CARE™ are non-woven, anti-dust for light protection against dry particulates and have anti-slip strips on the bottom for safety.Anti-slip for fall protecti..
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