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Model: 77845

Accessory Modules

The Accessory Module is a perfect module for just about anything!  Can be used with the BT-21/22, TC-3, TC-7, & TC-8.FeaturesMade with 600D CORDURA® fabricVinyl window to easily see contentsVelcro backingAvailable in Red (3/4" Depth), Royal Blue (3/4" Depth), Black (3/4" Depth), Purple..
Model: 77824

Airway Bag for Kings or LMA's

In an emergency, the ABC's rule, so get the right piece of equipment first each and every time.  The Sands Airway Kit will hold 3 - 5 King LT's or LMA's and all the accessories.  Made with CORDURA® fabric.Attach the Sands Airway Kit to the BT-21/22 and you have a complete First R..
Model: 38008

Airway Case

Designed to hold a set of 8 oral airways and 4 popular nasopharyngeal airways.Vinyl window to easily see contentsVelcro backingVelcro loops to hold airwayspocket to hold nasopharangeal airwaysAirways not included..
Model: 77232

Cube Medication Module

There are options available to store, transport and organize your medications for transport.The Angus Cube is compact, stores in almost any bag or can be used on its own.The lid opens and flips the 1 ml and 5 ml vials open, revealing the preload cover, holding the vials.FEATURES:1000 Denier Invista ..
Model: 77355

Drug Pouch

Contents not included with any Angus Bag. EASY TO ADD TO ANY ANGUS BAG, THE NEW DRUG POUCH COMBINES VERSATILITY WITH ORGANIZATIONAL OPTIMIZATION.  Combining years of field experience, the Med Pouch was designed by medics to accommodate front line meds in a compact pouch. Unique s..
Model: 77829

Intubation Module

The Angus Intubation Module will fit into almost every Angus Bag in the main compartment or outer pockets.  Logically laid out to provide rapid access to tubes, handle and blades.  The Intubation Module can store several of the more common sizes of ET tubes or great as a large LMA or King ..
Model: 77825

IV Module by Angus

The IV Module was designed with the field Medic in mind.  Keep all the items you need for an IV, nicely packaged within one module. FeaturesIV Catheters displayed with ease of access.Lines stored for quick retrieval.Room for all your accessories: tape, dressing, etcAvailable in Red, Royal ..
Model: 77670

IV Transport Module

The Angus IV Module is designed for field use, at home, on the road or in the back of the rig.  The Angus IV Module holds a single One Litre Bag of IV solution securely at the top, regardless of the amount of fluid in the bag.1000D CORDURA fabric shellTri-fold designrigid foam in the centre sec..
Model: 77200

Large Intubation Module - Angus

This is an Angus version of the S400 Pacific Intubation module, no longer made by Pacific.  Pictured in yellow to show detail, available in red, navy or royal blue.  Logically laid out to provide rapid access to ET tubes, handle and blades.  The Intubation Module can store severa..
Model: 77250

Medication Module

Features:Pre-loads, syringes, ampoules, vials all can be secured in the Angus Medication Module.The centre divider protects the contents from the upper/lower sections.Lockable narcotic pocket in lower section. Available in Grey...
Model: 77844

Narc Pouch

Keep your narcotic vial and amps close to you at all times.The Angus Narc Pouch keeps your narcotic vials and amps close to you at all times.  Made of a Black 1000D CORDURA® fabric exterior, with four different colour interior panels with 1" elastic loops to keep your drugs safe,..
Model: 77231

Primary Medication Module

NEWLY RE-DESIGNED PRIMARY MED MODThe size and shape of the Primary Med Bag allows for most front line workers to have all their meds in one and adjuncts in one bag.The closed cell foam provided superior protection Angus has been using the fold-out design for over a decade Each section will..
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