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EMS Trauma Bag Supplies

As tragedies unfold around the world or in your town, when everyone else is running away, First Responders are making their way to the disaster. Watching rescuers enter buildings, vehicles, or homes, one thing remains constant, Rescue Workers must carry their gear with them. How they carry that equipment is as important as the stock they have inside the bags. If a bag fails, it just compounds their job that much more.

Paramedics, Fire Fighters, Police, Industry and Rescue Workers across North America rely on their medical trauma bag, backpack, or bag, as an essential tool that they use on every call and in every situation. At Sands Canada, we are proud to supply a wide variety of bags to support those workers on the front lines. For over 30 years, we have provided the best available medical supplies and bags.

What Are the Benefits of an EMS Trauma Bag?

Responding to an emergency, time is counted in seconds, not minutes. In those seconds, their actions can have a lasting impact on both themselves and the patients they are treating. Depending on the situation and what equipment is required, they choose the most appropriate bag for the event, each bag is critical to the responder. They may need a small trauma bag or a large trauma bag, regardless, each one is an important tool in their arsenal to preserve life and hopefully get their patients to the hospital alive. What do those professionals look for in a bag:

  • Materials
  • Function in the design
  • Adaptability
  • Functionality
  • Warranty
  • Cleaning
  • Ease of Use

All of our Angus trauma bags, allow easy access to all internal and external storage compartments. Adjustable dividers allow each user to customize the bag to match their preference. Even our smallest first aid trauma bag is designed with the same attention to detail as our most expensive models. When emergencies arise, it is important to know that Angus bags will serve you for years.

In Conclusion

Looking for the best selection of outstanding trauma bags? Look no further than Sands Canada. Contact us today to see the impressive selection of trauma bags.

Model: 12316x


Our Sands Kit Bag is a small, versatile and extremely user friendly bag.  The main compartment is deceivingly large with four exterior pockets providing more bulk storage, and removable dividers allowing for customization for your needs. Great for the car, home, boat or even on the job.  C..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60025VS+

Stat Pack G3+ Vial Strand - 4 PACK

The G3+ Vial Strand is a uniquely-designed and highly-convenient vial package. Multi-dose meds in glass vials are held tightly in place with elastic bands. Bright yellow pull tabs allow you to quickly and easily remove vials.Stop fumbling around with cumbersome sleeves to access crucial medications ..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60025


SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - Securely holds medication vials while keeping them easily identifiable and retrievable. Military spec Velcro hook on back attaches to any Statpack compartment or module with Velcro loop. Each strand holds 5 vials of any size...
Brand: Statpack Model: 60005+


The G3+ Backup is a versatile EMS trauma backpack that works exceptionally well in situations where “stay and play” medical protocol is used. Its advanced harness system helps you tackle daunting flights of stairs and hard-to-reach accident scenes safely and with free hands.The G3+ Backup can be..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60010+


The G3+ Breather is the ‘go anywhere, do anything’ EMS airway bag. It’s a versatile EMS airway management pack that can be used in many different departments and settings because it meets many local protocols for oxygen and airway requirements.   The G3+ Breather EMS airway bag is de..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60002+


G3+ Clinician An EMS Jump Bag Designed Primarily to Address Basic Airway, Breathing, and Circulation Requirements. The StatPacks G3+ Clinician was designed as a quick first-in EMS jump bag for medics who only need the basic airway, breathing, and circulation supplies. It accommodates the S..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60001+


The G3+ Load-N-Go medic backpack can be used for multiple applications, including (contents not included—backpack only):  ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)AED (Automated External Defibrillator)ALS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)BVM (Bag Value Mask)PLS (Pediatric Advanced L..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60024+


The Medslinger is the original EMT pack that doubles as a sports medicine pack. Use this EMS sling bag as a medical equipment pack or a personal gear bag.The G3+ Medslinger sling design allows you to swing the pack in front of you for quick access to contents without removing the pack.The quick-rele..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60013+


The G3+ Perfusion is the all-around, grab-and-go EMS pack for all EMS clinicians. This hybrid design may be worn as a backpack or side-sling, or carried by hand. With four strategically-placed grab-handles for quick access, it’s the perfect EMS pack for emergency services.The hybrid design of the..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60020+


The G3+ Quicklook is built to accommodate most Automated External Defibrillators for visible and extremely prompt access. It’s perfect for use on rigs, personal vehicles, and public areas such as airports, coliseums, and shopping malls as an all-in-one first-responder AED backpack.The single-buckle ..
Brand: Statpack Model: 60015+


The G3+ Responder is boxy and compact with ergonomic hauling. The unique design keeps your shoulder straps off the ground when you’re accessing contents.The G3+ Responder is Statpack's largest, highest-capacity EMS backpack. It’s designed with one large main compartment, two side compartments, and t..
Brand: Angus Model: 77102

TC-11 Multi-Pocket Responder Bag

The Angus TC-11 Multi-Pocket Responder Bag is versatile and functional.  The two soft front pockets are large enough to hold gear for BLS response to minor emergencies or sudden cardiac arrest.The multi-purpose large rear semi-rigid back pocket can accomodate a BVM, large response gear or almos..
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