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Sands Canada Medical Supplies
Sands Canada Medical Supplies

Sands Canada : Canadian Medical Supplies


Sands Canada Medical Supplies
Over 60,000 customer can’t be wrong
Paramedic, Police and Fire services across Canada and the United States, the Canadian Military and individuals have trusted Sands with their medical supplies since 1987.
Shouldn't you?

Online Medical Supplies in Canada

Whether you require basic first aid equipment or more advanced medical gear, who should you trust with such an important decision? There are many companies to choose from, but many companies don’t provide a broad range of basic to advanced medical equipment. Some only supply industry, some hospital, some military. So, where does that leave individuals with home healthcare needs? In many cases, individuals are required to purchase from a variety of companies for all their medical needs. But not with Sands Canada. As a leader among Canadian medical supply companies, we strive to meet the demands placed upon us for all your emergency needs.


We aim to provide excellent emergency medical equipment at a reasonable price. Sands Canada has been supplying medical supplies in Canada to not only emergency services, but also businesses and individuals since 1987. Providing high quality products at reasonable prices, we have served customers of all sizes throughout the United States and Canada. Regardless of your company’s size, with our large inventory, Sands Canada, one the largest online medical supply stores in Canada, can supply most of your emergency medical needs.

Who Do We Serve?

Our customers who buy medical supplies online can be divided into groups:

  • Individuals
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  • Fire Departments
  • Police Services
  • Military
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics

What Products Does Sands Canada Provide?

As a leader in medical equipment sales, Sands offers emergency medical supplies in Canada and the United States.

  • Stocked First-Aid Kits
  • Supplies to Replenish First-Aid Kits
  • Medical Supplies for Home Health Care
  • Emergency medical equipment

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking for medical products Canada or clinic supplies Canada, look no further. Sands can supply most of your online medical supplies in Canada and the United States.