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Model: 77824

Airway Bag for Kings or LMA's

In an emergency, the ABC's rule, so get the right piece of equipment first each and every time.  The Sands Airway Kit will hold 3 - 5 King LT's or LMA's and all the accessories.  Made with CORDURA® fabric.Attach the Sands Airway Kit to the BT-21/22 and you have a complete First R..
Model: 11600

Angus Bag Tag

Heavy duty, brightly coloured hard nylon tag to allow you to easily identify your Angus bag at a glance!  Available as an option to add to your bag at time of order, or if you have an existing bag we'd be happy to include a ring to allow you to attach it yourself.  The image showing t..
Model: 12310

B-10 Turnout Carry All Bag

This one is big. Designed by Firefighters for Firefighters as a Turn Out Bag, the B-10 really does work well. At 24" x 14" x 14", it was designed as a step-in bag. You can place your boots, pants, jacket, and helmet in the bag and still have room for those extra pieces of personal equipment. Your wa..
Model: 12305

B-5 Personal Bag Small

The B-5 is a very versatile little bag capable of filling a variety of roles either in your service or for personal use.Many services use the B-5 as a compact collar bag. It will hold a set of regular collars or several multi-sized collars, CID's, straps, tape and a small first aid kit.As a personal..
Model: 12307

B-7 Roll Duffle Bag

Another bag that started life with another use and has morphed into a multi-use gear bag.We originally started to make this bag for Paramedic Services as a Collar Bag, then medics started to buy it as a personal bag. Even now, we still see this bag on Ambulances twenty years after they initially pur..
Model: 77400


BT-5000 FEATURE VIDEO!The BT-5000 is a large and spacious bag that will secure a "D" oxygen cylinder in the main compartment. It comes with a full wound management or BLS/ALS configuration in the front pocket. The rear pocket allows bulk storage for equipment or a full set of collars. &nbs..
BT-9000 BT-9000
-20 %
Model: 79000


Re-designed as an all-in-one kit, the BT-9000 will carry your oxygen, trauma gear and suction.  Made in true Angus fashion, the design and flexibility will give you what you want from this style of kit - thin, ergonomic and reliable.ALS, BLS or First Responder, the 9000 accommodates a variety o..
$399.00 $499.00
Model: 77588

Dose Medication Backpack

DOSE FEATURE VIDEO!Look no further than the Dose for a comprehensive medication backpack. The unique design allows the user, either BLS or ALS, to layout their meds, IV and system adjuncts in a simple and ergonomic design. The main compartment has adjustable dividers for IV solutions, BVM'..
Model: 77355

Drug Pouch

Contents not included with any Angus Bag. EASY TO ADD TO ANY ANGUS BAG, THE NEW DRUG POUCH COMBINES VERSATILITY WITH ORGANIZATIONAL OPTIMIZATION.  Combining years of field experience, the Med Pouch was designed by medics to accommodate front line meds in a compact pouch. Unique s..
Model: 1113x

Security Seals

Suitable for security sealing of bag compartments or anything else that may need to be sealed/tagged in a secure manner. Available in bags of 100 or 500.  Colours vary...
Model: 77301

TC-1 Trauma Bag

Compact, rugged and value priced - the TC-1 or Companion is the perfect partner for the field EMT, First Responder, Fire Fighter and Paramedic as a personal kit. The Companion is a soft pack that offers great versatility with a cavernous main compartment.  Made with CORDURA® fabric. &..
Model: 77320


Regardless of your skill set, the TC-20 can accommodate either a BLS or ALS configuration. With a multitude of dividers, you get to choose how to organize your gear. When safety and cleanliness are so important, why would you not want a bag that you can disassemble and clean, not only for your crews..
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