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Brand: Angus Model: 12310

B-10 Turnout Carry All Bag

4 black in stock This one is big. Designed by Firefighters for Firefighters as a Turn Out Bag, the B-10 really does work well. At 24" x 14" x 14", it was designed as a step-in bag. You can place your boots, pants, jacket, and helmet in the bag and still have room for those extra pieces of perso..
B-7 Roll Duffle Bag - 1 left B-7 Roll Duffle Bag - 1 left
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Brand: Angus Model: 12307

B-7 Roll Duffle Bag - 1 left

Another bag that started life with another use and has morphed into a multi-use gear bag.We originally started to make this bag for Paramedic Services as a Collar Bag, then medics started to buy it as a personal bag. Even now, we still see this bag on Ambulances twenty years after they initially pur..
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Model: 12318

Large Drug Module

16”long x 4”wide x 3” deepThe large drug module is made of heavy-duty nylon with 2 full zippered sections.One section has stretch loops for vials and ampoules while the other side has elastic loops and pockets for syringes, gloves, wipes etc. Red only.Contents Not Included..
Model: 12317

Medium Sized Drug Module

Medium Drug Module11” long x 4” wide x 3” deepPadded case made of heavy-duty nylon with a full single zipper which opens to a divided interior.One side has stretch loops to hold vials and ampoules, and the opposite side has loops to hold ampules and various other drugs.  Red ..
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