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Epaulettes, Custom Cresting

Enhance your uniform with custom epaulettes that showcase professionalism and pride while honouring your dedication to your work. At Sands Canada, we offer a range of personalized epaulettes and crests designed to meet your unique requirements. Whether you’re a Paramedic, Firefighter, Police Officer, or student, we have you covered with tailored options.

Why Epaulettes and Crests are Important

In the world of uniforms, epaulettes and crests are more than just embellishments—they’re symbols of expertise and unity. Whether you’re in law enforcement, emergency response, or another esteemed profession, these insignias communicate rank, specialization, and a shared sense of purpose.

Customization options allow you to wear your professional identity proudly, signifying your role in work that makes an impact. Sands Canada recognizes the significance of these symbols and offers personalized options to amplify your presence while communicating the value of your contributions to society.

Why Epaulettes and Crests are Important

We offer an array of epaulettes tailored to diverse industries and roles in Canada. These include:

  • Paramedic rank epaulettes

  • Security epaulettes

  • Firefighter epaulettes with various ranks

  • Breast cancer awareness, Military Support and Movember epaulettes

  • Custom embroidery to accommodate different ranks, specializations, and organizational affiliations

Our custom options allow you to choose from various materials, colours, and finishes to align with your organization’s aesthetics and standards.

Epaulettes Buying Considerations

Selecting the right epaulette involves thoughtful consideration of different factors:

  • Material: Prioritize durability and appearance by choosing high-quality materials that maintain their polished look even with daily wear. At Sands Canada, you can rest assured that our products are made from top-quality materials.

  • Colour Coordination: Opt for colours that align with your organization’s branding or uniform regulations, ensuring your epaulette effectively conveys your role and affiliation.

  • Attachment: Ensure comfort during extended wear by selecting an epaulette with secure attachment methods that don’t compromise the appearance.

Why Sands Canada?

We recognize the importance of your pivotal work, and that’s why we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality, Health Canada-approved products from the top manufacturers in the industry. Whether you need equipment, medications, bags, or uniforms, we aim to ensure you can find everything you require with us. Skip the line and count on us to be your one-stop shop so you can continue doing the work you love without interruption.

Model: EP-Pink

Epaulettes - Breast Cancer Awareness

Sold in Pairs! Priced in Pairs!Redesigned for October 2020, the Breast Cancer Awareness now sport a bold Red Maple with a gold laurel wrapped around it supported by a Star of Life at the base. The Breast Cancer epaulettes are available in three styles:1 bar PCP2 bar ACP3 Maple Leafs..
Model: EP-Pink-BL

Epaulettes - Breast Cancer Awareness - Blank with Ribbon

Sold in Pairs! Priced in Pairs!A new option for non-Paramedic personnel, this new Breast Cancer Awareness epaulette features the pink ribbon logo...
Model: EPP-XX

Epaulettes - Custom

If you require a newly designed epaulette, or just looking to have an existing epaulette that you just need more of, Sands Canada has you covered.  We can customize epaulettes for your company or province. Call for details on customizing epaulettes just for your organization or service.&nb..
Model: EN-x

Epaulettes - EMS

EMS epaulettes embroidered on a 65/35 poly/cotton dark navy blue material. Check with your sales rep for details. Various options available. EN-1 EMS One Stripe EN-2 EMS Two Stripes EN-3 EMS Three Stripes Epaulettes are sold by the pair...
Model: EP-ECM

Epaulettes - Every Child Matters

Sold in Pairs! Priced in Pairs!Honour awareness for Truth and Reconciliation Day with these epaulettes, featuring a Canadian Flag at the top and Every Child Matters art at the bottom...
Model: EP-FIRE-x

Epaulettes - Firefighter

Sold in Pairs! Priced in Pairs!Firefighter epaulettes embroidered on a 65/35 poly/cotton dark navy blue material.   Available in gold, No Stripe (only) is available in silver as well.Check with your sales rep for details for details.EP-Fire-1 - One stripe GoldEP-Fire-2 - Two stripes G..
Model: EP-MOV-X

Epaulettes - Movember - Paramedic One Bar, Two Bar, Supervisor, and Firefighter

Sold in Pairs! Priced in Pairs!Recognize Movember and men's health issues like prostate and testicular cancer with these custom epaulettes.  Sold by the pair.Options:Paramedic One Bar, Two Bar or SupervisorFirefighter No Bar with Canadian Flag..
Model: EP-x

Epaulettes - Paramedic

Sold in Pairs! Priced in Pairs!Paramedic epaulettes embroidered on a 65/35 poly/cotton dark navy blue material with silver bars. Check with your sales rep for details.Various options available. EP-1 One Stripe EP-2 Two Stripes EP-3 Three Stripes Epaulettes are sold by the pair...

Epaulettes - Student

Sold in Pairs! Priced in Pairs!The Sands designed, Poly/Cotton Blend, student epaulettes are embroidered with a new bold design!Epaulettes are sold in pairs...
Model: EP-Red-x

Epaulettes Military Red - Paramedic

Sold in Pairs! Priced in Pairs!Paramedic epaulettes embroidered on a 65/35 poly/cotton red material.   Available in one bar, two bar and supervisor.Various options available.Epaulettes are sold by the pair. ..
Model: 1154x


Paramedic crests with black background and 3M reflective tape11545 - 4" x 13" $15.9911546 - 1" x 4.5" $7.99  Superintendent crests 4"x13" wuth black blackground and 3M silver reflective tape.  Red or black edging.11547R - Red edging - 15.9911547BK - Black edging - 15.99..
Model: 1116x

Stork Pins

If you are a service that has first responders that could bring a new life into the world, commemorate the occasion with a Stork Pin for your responders!  The Stork is carrying a bundle of joy in a pink, blue or gold blanket!  Measures 1" or 2.5cm in height.11161 - Stork Pin (Gender ..
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