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Thermometers and Supplies (Disposable, Infrared)

Online Thermometer supplies Canada

A patient’s temperature can tell a lot about their physical health. When the situation arises where you must take a temperature, for whatever reason, you want to know that the readings are accurate and reliable. As a medical supplier for over thirty years, Sands Canada provides the best products for our first line responders, nursing homes, and clinics. We supply everything from medical backpacks to diabetic supplies to thermometer supplies. Sands Canada offers various Health Canada approved blood pressure cuff pulse oximeter and thermometer set or a noncontact thermometer in Canada.

Given we are living in a post pandemic world, consider our touchless thermometer in Canada or forehead thermometers in Canada.

Thermometer and Thermometer Supplies

We offer a variety of thermometer and thermometer supplies.

  • Braun Thermoscan Pro 6000
  • Noncontact Infrared Thermometer
  • Disposable Nextemp Thermometer
  • Digital Thermometer

Our Braun Thermoscan Pro 6000 thermometer offers advanced PerfecTemp measurement technology. With a sleek design and upgraded features, this professional grade thermometer is an excellent choice.

Health Canada has approved the non-contact infrared thermometer. As a great diagnostic tool, it measures temperature without contact with the body.

The Nextemp disposable thermometer is a good alternative to the more expensive thermometers on the list. It requires no batteries, special storage, or recalibration.

Digital thermometers can be used for rectal, oral, or under the arm. It has advances features as beep signal for the peak temperatures. It is waterproof and has an auto shutoff to save the battery. It can display the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Customers can always buy digital thermometers online from Sands Canada and feel confident in their purchase. Our digital store is second to none. Come buy digital thermometers online today!

Model: 44107

Braun ThermoScan PC 200 Probe Covers

For use with Thermoscan PRO 6000 Series thermometers, 200/box..
Model: 44205

Braun ThermoScan Pro 6000 Ear Thermometer

Capture fast temperature readings with our ear thermometer. The Braun® PRO 6000 adjusts for factors that can impact accuracy. Experience the speed and simplicity you need to capture accurate temperature readings—and keep your patients comfortable. The Braun® ThermoScan® PRO 6000 ..
Model: 44200

Thermometer - Digital Oral

Digital Thermometer. The professional choice!  The Digital Thermometer can be used for oral, rectal, or underarm use.FeaturesAccurate within 0.2 degrees F/ 0.1 degree CDisplays in either Celcius or FahrenheitMemory recall/ display of last readingBeep signals peak temperatureWaterproof / washabl..
Model: 44201

Thermometer Digital Probe Covers

Universal Probe Covers for digital or glass thermometers.  Single use sleeves to reduce the risk of cross contamination.  Box of 100...
Thermometer NexTemp Disposable
-30 %
Brand: 3M Model: 44104

Thermometer NexTemp Disposable

Throw away the Germs! Individually wrapped NexTemp thermometers are designed to reduce the risk of cross infection or reinfection that could occur with other thermometer systems. Simply discard the thermometer after patient use.Convenient and Economical: NexTemp® thermometers are less expensive than..
$69.00 $99.00
Model: 44102

Tympanic Thermometer Probe Covers, Adtemp™ 424

Convenient replacement probe cover dispenser, contains 40 covers for use with the ADC Adtemp™ 424 Tympanic Thermometer...
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