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Brand: Angus Model: 77813

Angus Travel Belt

Perfect for when security asks you to remove anything metal before screening, the Angus travel belt will save you time at the airport. The Angus Travel Belt is made of stiff, military grade polypro webbing with 1" Velcro Loop sewn down the entire length of one side with a six inch strip of Velc..
Model: 77503

Basic Travel kit

Perfect for keeping in your car, attaching to a bag or belt while on a hike, even attaching to a leash for when you take your pup for walk!Contains:- Benzalkonium wipes- Alcohol wipes- Paws hand disinfectant wipes- Sting stop wipes- assorted bandages- a pair of medical gloves..
Model: 83409

Dermafresh Cleansing Wipes - 10 wipe pack

Moist wipes ideal for cleansing of face, hands, and bodyEach wipe measures 18 cm x 20 cmFlushable/maceratableUnscentedThe DermaFresh™ soft gentle wipes provide a comfortable basinless cleansing experience.Unlike other basinless systems, the DermaFresh™ Bathing and Cleansing Wipes can be di..
Model: 97154


Hiking can take a toll on your feet. Be sure to give them the care they need to keep blazing the trail with Coghlan's Foot Care Kit. This kit contains everything needed to treat blisters, cuts, and sores on your feet typically caused by hiking. It includes moleskin to protect feet from painful pinch..
Brand: Angus Model: 77207

Pillin Beach Pillow

Imagine relaxing on a lounge chair on the beach, the sound of the surf splashes against the sandy shore, above you, the breeze blows through the palm fronds. The heat of the sun warms you as you lay your head back onto the Angus Pillin inflatable pillow. You adjust your new Pillin pillow s..
Model: 77843

Pouch Disaster Backpack

Perfectly sized to keep in the trunk, drawer, glove compartment, or anywhere else where you can quickly grab it, this ultra-portable backpack is made of hi-visibility rip-stop nylon and is perfect for a small emergency prep kit.   Features include an outer mesh pocket for quick access item..
Model: 81001

Vomit and Urine Disposal Bag

Economical collection bag for vomit and urine disposal.  Measured to hold up to 1000cc of fluid.The funnel shaped coated cardboard features a with one-way valve and graduated clear collection chamber.  The funnel folds open to cover the mouth and nose to capture as much of the ex..
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