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Model: 77813

Angus Travel Belt

Perfect for when security asks you to remove anything metal before screening, the Angus travel belt will save you time at the airport. The Angus Travel Belt is made of stiff, military grade polypro webbing with 1" Velcro Loop sewn down the entire length of one side with a six inch strip of Velc..
Model: Carabiner

Jumbo Carabiner

Heavy duty aluminiumpadded grip3" openinggreat for securing bags to stretchers etcnot a load bearing device..
Model: 81001

Vomit and Urine Disposal Bag

Economical collection bag for vomit and urine disposal.  Measured to hold up to 1000cc of fluid.The funnel shaped coated cardboard features a with one-way valve and graduated clear collection chamber.  The funnel folds open to cover the mouth and nose to capture as much of the ex..
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