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Medical Kits for Home

Countless studies have been conducted on accidents and injuries, and they all conclude the same thing: most accidents occur in the home.

Whether it is a slip in the shower, a laceration while preparing a meal, or injuring yourself during home repairs, a properly stocked medical kit can make all the difference. We have been providing fully stocked medical kit for home for over thirty years. It is important to keep a basic first-aid kit around the house in case of emergencies.

Our home kits come with Health Canada certified essential medical needed for most emergencies. You want a kit with the same equipment used by medical professionals, and that don’t contain filler products to make it look like you are getting a larger kit than you believe.

You want quality products to help stop the bleeding, treat a burn, protect yourself and the patient all in a safe and convenient kit.

Our home office first-aid kit can be used at home, business, on vacation or stored in the car as a vehicle first-aid kit Canada.

In some cases when cuts are significant or other injuries have occurred where the bleeding is serious, a bleed stop kit may be warranted. A bleed control kit is used for serious, life-threatening injuries that can’t wait for medical professionals.

Our emergency bleeding control kit comes in a compact design, and provides everything necessary to treat a serious, bleeding injury. This includes:

  • 4-inch emergency combat bandage
  • 1 Lister shear
  • 1 pair of disposable gloves
  • 1 combat style tourniquet
  • 1 marker
  • Comes in a plastic zip sealed bag for protection

Whether used as a first-aid kit for bike or a first-aid kit for car, our basic first-aid kits can treat a variety of injuries. For those more severe injuries needing a blood stop kit can be employed. Reach out to Sands Canada to find out more.

Model: 77514


Perfect for home, office or cottage!KIT CONTAINS:1 x 99300 First Aid box1 x 97374 50 pack assorted bandages1 x 12006 First Aid guide book4 x 97200 2" roll gauze4 x 97400 4" roll gauze1 x 97201 1" medical tape12 x 96412 4x4 sterile gauze1 x 97444 4x4 compress1 x 97446 6x6 compress1 x 15020 bandage sc..
Model: 77510

Basic Home and Car First Aid Kit

Keep a basic first kit around the home in case of emergencies!  Contents:QtyItem QtyItem1Sting Relief (10 pack) 1First Aid Scissors1(Pair) Disposable Nitrile Gloves 62" x 2" Sterile Gauze Pads14" Gauze Rolls 22" x 3" Patch Bandage12" Compression Wrap 6PAWS Antimicr..
Model: 77526

Basic Motorcycle, ATV and Snowmobile Kit

 A handy outdoor activities first aid kit.  Contains all you need to prepared for bumps or bruises in the great outdoors.  Great gift idea!1 - Small Kit Bag - RED1 - Triangle Bandage1 - Bandage Scissors1 - Splinter Tweezers2 - Butterfly 3/8 x 1 3/42 - 4" Roll Gauze1 - 1" Medical Tape5..
Model: 77512

Blood Stop Kit

Kit consists of:1 - 4" Gauze roll #974001 - combat style application tourniquet #640501 - pair Nitrile gloves2 - 6x6 pressure dressing #974461 - lister shears #15050BK1 - Asherman chest seal #985001 - 4" Trauma Dressing #944931 - Small First Aid module..
Model: 77527

Deluxe Motorcycle, ATV and Snowmobile Kit

An all in one, handy outdoor activities first aid kit.  Contains all you need to prepared for bumps or bruises in the great outdoors.  Great gift idea!Kit contains:1 - Fanny Pack (BLACK or RED)1 - Cool Blaze2 - Eye Pads10 - Fabric Bandages2 - Knuckle Bandages2 - Fingertip Bandages2 - Large..
Model: 77520

Personal First Aid Kit

The perfect kit to treat those minor bumps and scrapes!Contents:2 Non Adherent Pads # 981341 Box Nexcare Waterproof Bandages 30 #973731 2" Cohesive Wrap #961171 1" Cohesive Wrap #961101 1" Gauze Roll #971001 3" Gauze Roll #973004  Benzalkonium Wipes #962514 Alcohol Wipes #962704 Afterbite Wipes..
Model: 77530

Travel First Aid Kit

The perfect kit to treat those minor bumps and scrapes!Contents:1 Pair Iris Scissors1 Pair disposable Gloves1 1" Gauze Rolls1 1" Cohesive Wrap1 1" Transpore Tape1 Triangular1 4x4 Compress2 2"x2" Sterile Gauze Pads1 Box NexCare Waterproof Bandages6 Benzalkonium Wipes1 Tweezer3 Afterbite Sting Pads1 N..
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