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Oxygen Equipment & Supplies

Oxygen is a vital form of treatment for many patients suffering from long-term illnesses. Those patients dealing with COPD, respiratory illnesses, and sudden shortness of breath, can all benefit from the use of pre-hospital oxygen therapy. Sands provide a wide variety of oxygen equipment supplies to help First Responders provide the necessary treatment when called upon. Sands Canada has worked with Paramedic services, Fire and Police departments, and individuals to meet their home oxygen treatment requirements.

Whenever a patient presents with shortness of breath, quick response is key to prevent further deterioration. First Responders must maintain their equipment in peak condition to help treat their patients. Sands Canada can provide pre-hospital medical oxygen equipment supplies to help Paramedics and Fire Fighters provide lifesaving oxygen therapy to patients.

When should Oxygen be used?

Oxygen is now used in combination with pulse oximetry. A pulse oximeter can be used to verify your oxygen saturation levels as part of a skilled assessment to determine if a patient requires oxygen. If the patient is short of breath and/or sats indicate low oxygen levels, the patient may receive oxygen as part of a larger treatment plan in:

  • Home settings
  • Paramedic Services
  • Medical Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • By First Responders

Responders, businesses, and nursing homes have all relied on Sands Canada for more than three decades to supply their oxygen equipment supplies. Now, with the convenience of online ordering, our customers can place their orders at any time.

In Conclusion

All of our products meet or exceed industry standards. If you or your company need any type of oxygen equipment supplies, reach out to us to find out more. We are Sands Canada.

Model: 31500

Adult Soft Curved Nasal Cannula

Adult nasal cannula with soft curved tips and 2.1M/7Ft TubingLatex free..
Model: 3799x

Airway - Oral Individual

Guedel Airways come in a variety of sizes, from infant to adult.  Mainly for use in pre-hospital and short term airway management.  Each is colour coded for size and wrapped individually.SizeProduct #  000/pink/40mm3799900/blue/50mm380000/black/60mm380011/white/70mm380022/gr..
Model: 77824

Airway Bag for Kings or LMA's

In an emergency, the ABC's rule, so get the right piece of equipment first each and every time.  The Sands Airway Kit will hold 3 - 5 King LT's or LMA's and all the accessories.  Made with CORDURA® fabric.Attach the Sands Airway Kit to the BT-21/22 and you have a complete First R..
Model: 38009

Airway Case - Stocked

Stocked Airway kit features a set a 8 oral airways and 4 popular nasopharyngeal airways in a protective module bag.Kit includes:Airway CaseOral 000/pink/40mmOral 00/blue/50mmOral 0/black/60mmOral 1/white/70mmOral  2/green/80mmOral 3/yellow/90mmOral  4/red/100mmOral 5/orange/110mmRusch..
Model: 38007

Airways - Oral Set of 8

Guedel Airways come in a variety of sizes, from infant to adult.  Mainly for use in pre-hospital and short term airway management.  Each is colour coded for size and wrapped individually.  Set of 8 sizes.SizeProduct #  000/pink/40mm3799900/blue/50mm380000/black/60mm3800..
Model: 32010

Ambu Res-Cue CPR Pocket Mask with Gloves and Wipes

The transparent design of the Ambu Res-Cue Mask allows the rescuer to constantly visually check the patient's conditions.The mask is equipped with a head strap for a fixation of the mask onto the patient's face. Thus, the rescuer does not lose time for the replacement of the mask before mouth-to-mas..
Model: 3220x

Ambu® SPUR® II - Disposable BVM Resuscitator

The Ambu SPUR II (Single Patient Use Resuscitator) is designed for manual ventilation of neonates through to adults.Features:Ambu SPUR II is the only resuscitator that is made from a SEBS material instead of PVC.This classifies Ambu SPUR II as environmentally safe and fully ..
Model: 32105

Bacterial & Viral BVM Filter

The in-line Bacterial & Viral Filter helps to protect patients, clinicians and instruments by trapping bacteria and viruses.  High quality construction and standard connector sizes to simplify its use.Bacterial Filtration efficiency: > 99.999%Viral Filtration efficiency: > 99.99%Coaxi..
Model: 32107

Face Shield with Filter

 The BLS Face Shield is used to provide safe CPR.  It will help eliminate any cross contamination.Filter protection for rescuer and patientGraphic anatomical landmarks and illustrations for ease of use100% disposableLatex free..
Model: 32011

Face Shield with Valve

 The BLS Face Shield with One-Way Valve.   Packaged individually and in a clear plastic wrap to keep clean until needed.FeaturesMaximum protection for rescuer and patientAvailable with patented BLS One-way Valve and filterOver 98% bacterial and viral filtration efficiencySoft, texture..
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