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Stocked Medical Kits

Tactical Medical Kits

A provider of fully stocked medical kits and medical kit supplies, Sands Canada has been a medical supply company for over thirty years. Providing industry and individuals with professional grade equipment and supplies, Sands Canada has established relationships with fire departments, police departments, adventure enthusiast and Paramedics. A trusted provider of Health Canada approved medical supplies, Sands Canada offers one of the largest product options in the industry.

What Types of Kits are Offered?

Sands Canada provides several different medical kits to accommodate a variety of customers.

  • Airway Case
  • Tactical Medical Kits
  • Stocked Medical Kits
  • Advanced Trauma Kits
  • Burn Kits
  • Sports Kits
  • Adventure Kits

All kits come fully stocked with portable medical kit supplies and ready for use. Whether you are hiking, coaching a sports team, travelling or in the car: Sands has a kit designed for you.

Our stocked kits are specifically designed to provide the necessary tools to help with either a specific emergency or hemorrhage control, maintain an airway, reduce burn damage to soft tissue, stabilize a fracture or prevent further injury.

After each use, it is vitally important to take inventory and replace the items used as soon as possible. This will ensure the kit is fully stocked before the next emergency occurs. We offer all trauma kit supplies necessary to keep your kit stocked and ready for action. When first responders or individuals need emergency medical kit supplies, they come to Sands Canada. With a large inventory to serve you, we offer excellent customer service and selection.

Model: 77505

Advanced Rescue Pack 2

The Advanced Rescue Pack 2 contains all necessary materials to respond to any trauma or BLS situation. Ideal for a first responder.  The Angus TC-3 has a limited lifetime warranty, this does not include the contents.ALSO AVAILABLE - optional Angus Heavy Duty ID Tag item # 11600 price $5.00Conte..
Model: 77507

Advanced Trauma Kit

The Advanced Trauma Kit Includes all necessary materials to respond with confidence. Includes an EMS field guide for any quick references you might need.Contains:1 - Angus TC-71 - 94300 Watergel 4oz2 - 94401 Watergel 4x4 Dressing1 - 15096BK Black EMS Shears1 - 15020 Bandage Scissors1 - 15025 Kelly F..
Model: 77508

BLS Rescue Pack

The BLS Rescue Pack is ideal for social gatherings, sporting events, working environments, and for the security of personal preparedness.  A great value for a great price! Includes:1 Kit Bag 1 Waterjel Lotion, 4oz2 Waterjel 4" x 4" Pads 1 Mylar Foil Blanket1 Paramedic Shears 1 Kelly ..
Model: 77509

Professional Oxygen Response Kit

When time matters, proper oxygen delivery can mean the difference between survival and recovery in patients with a respiratory, cardiac or stroke event.  This is where the Professional Oxygen Response Kit comes in. Be prepared with the Professional Oxygen Response Kit:QtyItem QtyItem1..
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