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Syringes, Sharps Containers and Diabetic Supplies

Syringes and Other Diabetic Supplies

We have all come to trust online suppliers. They deliver birthday and Christmas gifts, but would you trust the same companies with your medical supplies? At Sands Canada we have been in business for over thirty years, providing the best in Health Canada Approved medical supplies to front line workers, nursing homes, clinics, and even individuals. We offer syringes supplies and the best in syringes online in Canada.

We work to keep prices reasonable for our customers in Canada. If you require high quality, syringes or other diabetic supplies in Canada, look no further than Sands Canada.

Sands Canada Diabetic Supplies

Those customers who buy syringes online and online diabetic supplies can also find:

  • 1ML – LUER lock disposable syringe
  • 3ML – LUER lock disposable syringe
  • Alcohol Preps
  • Disposable #10 scalpels
  • Insulin Syringes
  • Push Button Safety Lancets
  • Sharps Containers

Both the 1ML and 3ML LUER lock disposable syringe come without a needle in boxes of 100. It has a high transparency barrel and a safe plunger with stable finger grip.

The alcohol preps come 200 to a box and are an antiseptic topical skin cleanser. They are used prior to the injection.

We also offer disposable #10 scalpels in boxes of 10.

Our insulin syringe is self-contained BD microfine IV with permanently attached needle. They come 100 per box.

We offer push button safety lancets 200 per box. The needle automatically retracts to protect against accident cuts.

Our sharps container is puncture resistant with a counterbalanced door.

In Conclusion

Those customers who buy syringes online in Canada should look no further than Sands Canada for their online diabetic supplies.

Model: 60500


High-transparency barrel – makes it easy to see syringe content.Silicone lubrication – ensures smooth plunger movement.Safe plunger backstop – prevents accidental withdrawal of plunger.Large and stable finger grip – ensures stability and comfort during injection.1 ml Luer Lock Sy..
Model: 96270

Alcohol Preps - 200/Box

The Alcohol Prep pads are used as an antiseptic topical skin cleanser prior to an injection and disinfection of cuts and wounds.Helps reduce bacteria content that could cause skin infectionsAir dries quickly requiring no wipingIndividually wrapped in water-resistant packagesLatex- FreeFor single use..
Model: 60801

Bracket for Kendall Sharps Red Container - 1QT

SHARPS CONTAINER NOT INCLUDEDMade for Kendall red sharps container, adhesive bottom for attachment to surfaces...
Model: 15026

Disposable #10 Scalpels

Box of 10 individually sealed #10 disposable scalpels..
Model: 60502

Insulin Syringe - 1cc/mL 28G x 1/2"

1 mL(cc) BD™ U-100 insulin syringe with 28 G x 1/2" self-contained BD Micro-Fine™ IV permanently attached needle, regular bevel, regular wall. Blister pack.100/box..
Model: 96271

Isopropyl Alcohol 70% (250mL)

Description: Atlas Isopropyl Alcohol 70% is an antiseptic skin cleanser that can be great for first aid or as a massage solution for bruises and sore muscles.Indication:Antiseptic skin cleanserSoothing massage solution to relieve bruises and sore muscles..
Model: 61111

Push Button Safety Lancets 28G x 1.6mm - 200 / box

Sterile Safety Lancet with Push-Button Activation, 28G x 1.6 mmSterile safety lancets are suitable for both the healthcare professional and the patientNeedle or blade retracts automatically and locks out for safety, protecting against accidental cuts and minimizing the chance of cross-contaminationD..
Model: 60806

Sharps Container - Flat 5.1L

Point-of-useOne-hand, one-step technique… they feature a counter-balanced door. Container provides security against tampering.Features:Counterbalanced door returns automatically for one hand, one step disposalCounterbalanced door stays shut to deter overfillingSafe..
Model: 60800

Sharps Red Container - 1QT

Sharps Container BD™ 7 H X 4-9/10 W X 3-9/10 D Inch 1 Quart Red Base / Clear Lid Vertical Entry Hinged Snap On Lid..
Model: 61113


Ultra-Keen point tapers from all sides for minimum pain.Made from the finest quality rigidized chrome stainless steel."Sure Grip" knurls prevent slippingExtra Length for easy handling.Controlled penetration200 UNITS PER BOX, INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED ..
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