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Model: 38009

Airway Case - Stocked

Stocked Airway kit features a set a 8 oral airways and 4 popular nasopharyngeal airways in a protective module bag.Kit includes:Airway CaseOral 000/pink/40mmOral 00/blue/50mmOral 0/black/60mmOral 1/white/70mmOral  2/green/80mmOral 3/yellow/90mmOral  4/red/100mmOral 5/orange/110mmRusch..
Model: 77518DLX

Deluxe Coaches First Aid Kit

Keeping some minor first aid items around during sporting events can help an injured player.  Sands has put together the following kit for coaches or parents attending sporting events.  Packed in a red cross body bag for convenience!Contents:QtyItem QtyItem42" x 3" Large Patch Bandage..
Model: 77513

Hemorrhage Kit - for wounds and bleeding

Contains2 3"rolled gauze #973003 4"x4" compress #974443 6"x6" compress #974461 7"x11" compress #974111 shears #15096BK        1 pair of nitrile gloves  1 combat style tourniquet #640501 marker #97XXX1 RED hemorrhage kit bag with screening..
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