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Outdoor Series

Outdoor Series

Model: 77515

Adventure Kit

The Adventure Kit is a must-have kit when heading out to the wilderness.  Whether it is climbing, hiking, or camping, the Adventure kit should be packed along with your gear.  Built in a convenient fanny pack for easy transportation.Contents:red crossbody bag - 1mylar rescue blanket - 1San..
Model: 77518

Coaches First Aid Kit

Keeping some minor first aid items around during sporting events can help an injured player.  Sands has put together the following kit for coaches or parents attending sporting events.Contents:QtyItem QtyItem42" x 3" Large Patch Bandages 101" x 3" Fabric Bandages11" White Medical Tape..
Model: 77516


The new Sports Kit is packaged in our accessory modules for convenience. KIT CONTENTS INCLUDE:1 - 96112 - 2” ELASTIC BANDAGE1 - 96114 4” ELASTIC BANDAGE1 - 96115 PRO WRAP1 - 96110 1” COHESIVE BANDAGE1 - 96117 2” COHESIVE BANDAGE1 - 96118 4” COHESIVE BANDAGE1 - 96119 6“ COHESIVE BANDAGE1 - 97154..
$27.95 $29.95
Model: 77517

Trainers Field Kit

The Trainers Field Kit is packaged in our kit bag. A comprehensive kit to handle minor to major injuries on the field!NEW!!  Medistik topical pain relief and anti-inflammatory stick.  Now included in the Trainers Field Kit!QtyItem QtyItem1First Aid Guide 1Accident Record Book2Eye..
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