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Burn Care First-Aid Kits

Providing various medical supplies for different types of medical first-aid kits, Sands Canada has almost 40 years of experience in the medical field. With a large inventory of Health Canada approved products to meet most of your needs, you can feel safe knowing Sands Canada you can purchase the same products as First Responders. This includes burn kit supplies and other high-quality products

Accidental burns can occur anywhere, at any time. At home, the office or on vacation, from minor to severe, the injuries need to be treated immediately and effectively. That is why we provide a burn first-aid kit filled with various burn first-aid supplies.

What Supplies Come with the Burn First-Aid Kit?

With burn injuries, it is important to properly treat the wound, prior to transport to a hospital setting. Our burn first-aid kit comes stocked with everything you need to properly treat burns. You want to use the same proven and tested products that the professionals use.

It is incredibly important to cool the wound and keep it clean prior for transport to the hospital. With our fully stocked burn care first-aid kit, proper care is at your fingertips. Burn wounds can be dressed in the field with sterile bandages and gel to cool the burn, until they can be transported for hospital care. The triage care provided in the field can make all the difference in the world.

In Conclusion

Make sure your first-aid kit is stocked with burn first-aid supplies from Sands Canada. We offer a convenient burn first-aid kit packaged in a wall mountable, sealed plastic container, to keep the contents dry and ready to use. Reach out to Sands Canada for all of your medical supply needs.

Model: 94411

Burn Kit

If you work or live around an area where you could be burned, then you should have a Burn Kit on hand!  Our kit comes in a hard plastic, carry & hang, case.  Burn Kit in a Box! Includes:1 - First Aid Box 14" x 9.5" x 3"1 - Bandage Scissors1 - Splinter Tweezer/Forcep2 - Rolls ..
Model: 94412

Burn Kit Small

Perfect to keep on hand for treatment of burns!Kit contains:small bag2 x 4" Gauze Rolls #974001 x Shears #15096BK1 x Cool Blaze packets #943174 x 3"x4" non adherent pads #981341 x pkg gloves #802861 x 5"x9" ABD pad 968091 x 4x4 compress #974441 x 6x6 compress #974461 x 2x6 Waterjel #944001 x 4x4 Wat..
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