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Tactical Gear

Model: 12016

Belt - Tactical Style with Accessories

The EMS Tactical Belt is a two piece nylon belt.  The liner is a velcro closure belt that feeds through your belt loops, the outer belt attaches over your belt and holds your accessories.  The outer belt has a double lock side release Delrin buckle.  The EMS Tactical Be..
Model: 76104

Ear Plugs

Slowly roll and compress the plug into a thin crease free cylinder and insert the plug into the ear canal.Foam ear plugs Noise Reduction Rating 33 decibels.Sold 200 pair to the box. Disposable, single use...
Model: G15

EMS Cut Resistant Tactical Gloves

Ergonomic Cut And Fit , Cut Resistant Shell Provides Cut Resistance And Flash Protection To 800 Degrees F(427 C) , Water Resistant, Leather, Elastic wristXL-Length 13-3/4 inches, width 4-1/2 inches2XL 14-00 inches Width 4- 3/4 inches ..
Model: 12018

Heavy Duty Tactical Belt

Ridged belt assembly holds everything a security professional requires in the performance of their duty.  Rigid 2" outer belt holds all accessory pouches .  Inner belt is used as a regular trouser belt and attaches to the outer belt via hook and loop.  Accessories included: ..
Model: Carabiner

Jumbo Carabiner

Heavy duty aluminiumpadded grip3" openinggreat for securing bags to stretchers etcnot a load bearing device..
Model: 16026M

Original S.W.A.T. Classic 9'' WP SZ Safety Uniform Boots - Mens

Time tested and operator approved, the Classic 9" WP SZ Safety Uniform Boot delivers the safety and performance features you rely upon to get the job done.  Confidently take on the hazards of any environment knowing that this waterproof boot is equipped with a non-metallic LENZI® board for your..
Model: 16026W

Original S.W.A.T. Classic 9'' WP SZ Safety Uniform Boots – Womens - PLEASE SEE ITEM DESCRIPTION

PLEASE NOTE - 9.5 AND 11 ARE IN STOCK.  THERE IS A MANUFACTURER BACKORDER, FOR ALL OTHER SIZES PLEASE ORDER THE MENS SWAT BOOT (ITEM 16026M) OR SEE OUR REDBACK BOOTS (ITEM 16026X)Time tested and operator approved, the Classic 9" WP SZ Safety Uniform Boot delivers the safety and performance fea..
Model: 16009

Pocket Knife Multi-Tool

Rothco Pocket Knife Multi Tool features stainless steel components, plastic handle, includes: 3" half serrated blade, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, 1 Phillips & 1 flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, polyester sheath w/belt loop and snap closure. ..
Model: 80566

Red/Grey Polarized Safety Glasses

Exceptional comfort and fitting capabilities with a great look. Rubberized temple arms wrap gently around the back of the head behind the ear providing a comfortable fit and ensures glasses stay in position. Polarized lenses...
Model: 61700

Shovel - Folding Emergency

Military style folding shovel. Perfect for Ambulances, Fire, Rescue Squads, where space is tight.Lightweight and compact...
Model: 15081

XShears Holster

XShear Tactical Holster Custom designed for the XShear Heavy Duty Trauma Shears and features:MOLLE Compatible adjustable belt clip secured holster in place and offers flexible orientation of holster with simple Philips head screw.Flex lock design securely holds shears in placePositive..
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