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Eye Protection

At Sands Canada, we understand the importance of safeguarding your eyes, which is why we offer a range of essential eye protection products to ensure your safety and well-being in various environments, whether at home, work, or in different medical settings.

What Eye Protection Products Do You Have?

Our collection includes:

Safety Glasses

Whether you’re a paramedic, lab technician or other healthcare professional, our safety glasses are designed to provide optimal eye protection in high-risk medical situations. These glasses offer clear vision while safeguarding against potential hazards in the field. 

Eyewash Stations and Solutions

In emergency medical situations where immediate eye irrigation is required, we offer a range of eye wash solutions and stations. Accidents happen, and when they do, having quick access to these products can make all the difference in preventing serious eye injuries. 

When Should You Wear Safety Glasses?

Safety glasses are a vital component of personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical professionals, especially those in dynamic and unpredictable environments. These specialized glasses are designed to provide eye protection for paramedics and healthcare workers in various medical settings.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS): In the field of emergency medical services, paramedics often find themselves responding to a wide range of emergencies. These professionals must protect their eyes when responding to situations where risks to eye safety can be uncertain. 

To mitigate the risk of cross-contamination, wearing appropriate eye protection is as important as a proper face mask. 

Healthcare Facilities: In healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, medical staff are exposed to potential hazards and contaminants regularly. Whether handling chemical substances, dealing with infectious materials, or performing delicate medical procedures, the risk to their eyes is ever-present. In these settings, wearing medical-grade eye protection is a fundamental safety measure.

When Should You Use Eyewash?

Eyewash is indispensable in medical settings, where immediate relief and treatment of eye irritants or contaminants are essential. Medical-grade eyewash solutions help maintain the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals. You should use an eyewash solution in the following situations:

Chemical Exposure: Accidental splashes or spills can occur in medical environments where hazardous chemicals or substances are handled. Medical-grade eyewash solution should be used immediately to rinse the eyes.

Emergency Situations: In some cases, patients may have substances or irritants in their eyes. Having access to eyewash stations is essential to prevent further injury or discomfort.

Your vision is invaluable. At Sands Canada, we’re dedicated to helping you stay safe in the field so you can better serve those around you with peace of mind. 

Model: 80560

Clear Temp Safety Glasses

The Temp is a solid economical choice for those temporary jobs where protection is mandatory. This popular wraparound style, with molded browguard and nose bridge, is made of premium polycarbonate material and is CSA approved. The Temp is a great option in eye protection for outdoor UV pro..
Model: 83450

Empty 1L Eyewash Bottle w/ Eye Cup

These soft polyethylene Empty 1L Eyewash Bottles are easy to squeeze and come complete with built-in perforated eye cup, allowing for a thorough and gentle flushing of the contaminated eye. The snap-on lid keeps the cup clean and free from air particles. Drainage tube and air vent valve prevent the ..
Model: 83440

Empty 500ml Eyewash Bottle w/ Eye Cup

These soft polyethylene 500ml Eyewash Bottles are easy to squeeze and come complete with built-in perforated eye cup, allowing for a thorough and gentle flushing of the contaminated eye. The snap-on lid keeps the cup clean and free from air particles. Drainage tube and air vent valve prevent the con..
Model: 83441

Eyewash Solution, 1L

This sterile eyewash solution is designed for the cleansing and relief of fatigued or irritated eyes caused by exposure to chlorinated water, foreign materials, dust, smog, smoke, pollen, wind, and other air pollutants.Contains 1.9% w/v boric acid...
Model: 97XXX - Eyewash

Eyewash Station - Metal Cabinet with three 1L Eyewash bottles

• Built-in sterile eye cup designed to keep your eyelid open ensuring a gentle and effective rinse• A sterile preservative-free solution that flushes irritants, and debris.  Removes foreign materials from the eyes• Soothes burning, stinging, irritated eyes• Fast, effective and safe• Terminally ..
Model: 83442

Eyewash Station Additive Concentrate

• One bottle will preserve 5 to 20 gallons of potable water• Protects against the growth of bacteria and other impurities• For use in self-contained emergency eyewash stations• Shelf life is up to 3 years..
Model: 11250

Lens Cleaning Wipes

Individual pre-moistened towelettesAnti-fog, anti-static formulaSturdy corrugated dispenser features pull out bottom for easy dispensingCompletely assembled and ready for useTowelette measures 8-inches length by 5-inches width5" x 8" Towelette, 100/dispenser...
Brand: Ronco Model: 80561

Ronco Nova Safety Glasses

Extremely light-weight and modern, the NOVA™ One-Piece Lens Safety Glasses provide outstanding field of vision and exceptional protection. These glasses have a molded-in nose bridge that provides uncompromised comfort and fit. The Nova One-Piece Lens also have a built-in side impact protection.CAN/C..
Model: 80564

Safety Glasses

Features:Meets CSA Z94.3/ANSI Z87.1 StandardClassic look of a dual lens with integral molded nose piece and side shieldsLightweight polycarbonate lens8.75 Base curve lensSoft temple tipsRatchet templeBLACK/Silver Frame, Clear Lens..
Model: 80559

Sentec DX Safety Glasses with Foam insert - clear lens

Features rubberized temple tips and integrated nosepiece that fits comfortably with half mask respirators. Impact resistant anti-fog polycarbonate lens with a scratch resistant coating provides 99.9% UV protection. Spring like hinges provide a perfect, comfortable fit. Replaceable foam insert provid..
Model: 80568

Side Shields - protective

Slip-on side eye protection fits regular and safety eyewear.Absorbs impacts, protects against flying dust and debris.Durable and reusable.Flexible clear PVC blocks 99.9% UV...
Model: 83460

Single Portable Eyewash Station, 1L (Comes Empty)

Made of high-impact plastic, this eyewash station is white, highly visible, and holds one 1L (32oz) eyewash bottle. Mirror included in order to view contaminated eye or face. Features 4 pre-drilled holes for easy mounting or relocation. Printed with bilingual instructions.***Bottle Comes Empty***..
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