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Paramedic and First Aid Supply Backpacks

We do. We are Sands Canada. Our company manufactures and supplies a wide array of medical equipment backpacks to Emergency Services: Paramedics, Fire, Police, Industry and for individual use for more than three decades. Sands also stocks all the emergency equipment required for high-level response bags. When would a backpack be more beneficial than a standard hand-held medical trauma bag?

Professionals who frequently use medical backpacks understand the advantages over a conventional trauma bag. Both in the urban and rural setting, using a backpack can be beneficial when using stairs, navigating a rough trail or mountainous terrain.

When Are Medical Backpacks Used?

Medical backpacks are used when conventional styles are not appropriate. If you want a hands-free system, typically respond to calls where you are required to walk long distances or up and down trails or stairs, a medical backpack can be the preferred model. Depending on the style of backpack, the harness system can vary from simple to complex, but each securement system is designed to hold the weight and contents of whichever style you choose.

For over 30 years, Angus has designed and built an assortment of medical equipment backpacks for our professional customers and individuals in Canada and the United States. Some of our specialty backpacks are:

  • Paramedic Backpack
  • Medical Supply Backpack
  • Portable Oxygen Tank Backpack
  • First Aid Backpack

Don’t forget, if you deplete your stock on a call, Sands has all the ALS or BLS medical equipment required to refill your medical backpack so that you are ready for the next emergency situation that comes your way.

In Conclusion

Sands Canada isn’t just a medical backpack supplier, we are also a medical backpack manufacturer Canada. Our line of Angus Bags offers unique, field proven designs, with a limited lifetime warranty. Talk to the medical professionals, call Sands Canada today.

Proper Backpack fitting (  as per the blog from MMD Chiropractic Health Centre, Hamilton, Ontario. 

Wear Backpack High on Back to Prevent Pain

Always wear both shoulder straps rather than slinging it on one shoulder. Adjust the shoulder straps, so the backpack is high on the back and the shoulder straps are comfortable on the shoulders. The backpack should not sway from side to side as you walk. If a waist strap is available, it should be used, as it transfers the weight of the pack to the hips rather than having all of the weight riding on the shoulders.

Wrong Way to Wear a Backpack - Using One Strap - Sling Method

Wearing a backpack slung over one shoulder puts all of the pressure on that shoulder. Regular carrying of a backpack this way may result in bad posture habits and strain the shoulder and neck. Take the time to use both straps and position the backpack high on the back, where it won't sway with each step.

Wrong Way to Wear a Backpack - Low on Back

Wearing a backpack low on the back increases the pressure on the shoulders. This position may lead to shoulder and lower back strain. Loosening the shoulder straps makes it easier to put the backpack on and to take it off, but you should adjust the straps immediately, so it rides high on the back. This low back position may lead to a forward lean, which places pressure on the lower back. Loose straps also allow the pack to sway back and forth when you walk, which can be uncomfortable and may result in the straps chafing your shoulders.

Brand: Angus Model: 77499

Canyon Trauma Backpack

The Angus Canyon is a lightweight and versatile all around trauma EMS pack. Made with CORDURA® fabric, plenty of pockets and module sections for all your needs.  Also available in Blood Bourne Pathogen material for an additional $100FeaturesSemi-rigid construction for years ..
Brand: Angus Model: 77588

Dose Medication Backpack

5 in stockDOSE FEATURE VIDEO!Look no further than the Dose for a comprehensive medication backpack. The unique design allows the user, either BLS or ALS, to lay out their meds, IV, and system adjuncts in a simple and ergonomic design. The main compartment has adjustable dividers for IV sol..
Brand: Angus Model: 77498


The Angus Storm is a lightweight, stealthy, all-round Trauma backpack. Made with molle side straps and module sections for easy-to-organize and quick access. • 1000D CORDURA® fabric • 5 Clear Front Modules - Assorted Colours • #10 YKK zippers • 2 Zipped Front Pockets • Ergonomic Shoulder straps and ..
Brand: Angus Model: 77500V

Summit 2.0

Redesigned with value in mind. Wilderness tough, urban ready, equipment friendly! The Angus Summit combines all the requirements of a rural pack so that urban strength is a guarantee. When the job demands oxygen, you decide if the configuration requires the change. If not, the Summit will ..
Brand: Angus Model: 77500

Summit Classic

DUE TO MANUFACTURING ISSUES, WE HAVE HAD TO REMOVE THE DUST/RAIN/STORAGE HOOD FROM THIS BAG. The wilderness tough, urban ready, equipment friendly, the original Angus Summit, combines all the requirements of a rural pack so that urban strength is a guarantee. When the job demands oxygen,  you ..
Brand: Angus Model: 77313

TC-15 Response Backpack

Designed by Paramedics for Medical First Response. Made in North America.Functionality, and user configurable. Easy access. Like all Angus Bags, the TC-15 features a Lifetime Warranty. Made of 1000 Denier Invista Cordura, high contrast #10 yellow zippers, removable foam for easy cleaning, Delri..
Brand: Angus Model: 77320


Regardless of your skillset, the TC-20 can accommodate either a BLS or ALS configuration. With a multitude of dividers, you get to choose how to organize your gear. When safety and cleanliness are so important, why would you not want a bag that you can disassemble and clean, not only for your crews'..
Brand: Angus Model: 77315

TC-25 Medic Backpack

BLACK BLOOD BOURNE PATHOGEN MODEL ALSO PICTUREDThe Medic Backpack is easily configurable from BLS to ALS to First Responder based on your needs. The high contrast 1000 Denier Invista Cordura and yellow polypro webbing and yellow zippers make the bag visible in low-light situations. 3M Reflectiv..
Brand: Angus Model: 77660

TC-30 - Midwife Field Backpack

The Angus TC-30 - Midwife Special was designed specifically for Midwiferies.  Room for two oxygen "C" tanks and ample storage for masks, nasal cannulas, suction and other medical equipment.  Made with CORDURA® fabric.  Available in Blood Bourne Pathogen material for an additional..
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