When facing an emergency situation in which the patient is bleeding profusely, time is vital. It might be shocking, but those victims with severe bleeding can die within minutes if not properly treated. Most people fail to realize that death can occur within 5-10 minutes when suffering from a severe bleeding wound. More than five million people die worldwide from both accidental and non-accidental trauma. That is why having a bleed control kit on hand is so important.

Vital Steps to Help Someone Who is Bleeding Heavily

The most important thing someone can do to help a victim bleeding heavily is to stop or drastically reduce the bleeding. This will start the clotting process and stop the bleeding. With over five hundred mass shootings in the USA happening every year, more than 45,000 motor vehicle deaths, and over 5,000 fatal injuries in the workplace, severe injuries can happen at any time. A bleed control kit can provide all the tools necessary to appropriately stop heavy bleeding.

There are some important questions to answer when considering how to stop the bleeding and to properly care for the victim. 

  • What to Do When Blood Soaks Through the Compress?
  • What Should I Do If Something is Embedded in the Wound?
  • Should I Wash the Wound?
  • If the Person is Pale, Feels Cold, or is Dizzy, What Should I Do?
  • Should I Worry About Catching Something From Their Blood?
  • How Do I Stop a Nosebleed

It is important to apply another dressing onto top of the first compress if it becomes soaked with blood. Always maintain proper pressure on the wound. 

It is important to note that when something is found in the wound to not remove it. Instead, apply pressure around the wound.

Do not wash a wound that is bleeding heavily. It will make it bleed even more.

When a victim is dizzy it means there isn’t enough blood flowing through their body.

The likelihood of infection is extremely low. Plastic bags or gloves can be used if there are concerns.

In Conclusion

While knowledge is important in applying medical care, so is having the right equipment readily available. Having a blood stop kit, which is also known as an emergency bleeding control kit, is vital. Sands Canada has been providing the best medical supplies for more than thirty years. Reach out to us today.