First responders are known for their quick decisions and life saving actions. We rely on them in emergency situations to administer advanced medical treatment. While their training is vital to their success, they are only as good as their equipment. If they have well-stocked, well equipped medical trauma bags they offer excellent care. However, if the bag doesn’t have the appropriate trauma supplies in the bag, their care would be considerably limited.

Basic Equipment

Paramedics professional first responders who have been well trained to deal with any pre-hospital emergency they are called upon. Using their training, they make life and death decisions and face the unimaginable often in their careers. It is, without question, one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Their training and their equipment allow them to respond quickly and efficiently.

Some of the basic paramedic equipment is listed below:

  • Trauma Supplies
  • I.V.’s
  • Medication
  • Oxygen and Advanced Airway Equipment
  • Cardiac Defibrillator / Monitor
  • Vital Signs Monitor
  • Splinting and Immobilizing Equipment
  • Other Supplies

Trauma Supplies

Wound care is crucial to maintaining a stable hemodynamic condition. This requires various type of trauma supplies often not seen in your home or work first-aid kit:

  • Various Sizes of Sterile Gauze
  • Hemostatic Dressings
  • Tourniquets
  • IV Equipment

Oxygen and Airway Equipment

Paramedics have to maintain an oxygen saturation level above 92% for optimum patient oxygenation. This can involve airway maintenance, supplemental oxygen, suctioning.

  • On-board and portable Oxygen
  • Suction Devices
  • Oral and Nasopharyngeal Airways
  • Advanced Airway Devices

Medical Devices

The list is long and varied as to what type of medical equipment Paramedics have access to in order to offer treatment. Medical devices found in a medical trauma bag can include:

  • Vital Signs Monitor
  • Blood Glucose Monitor
  • Thermometers
  • Cardiac Monitor / Defibrillator

Splinting and Immobilizing Equipment

Immobilization of fractures is important to minimize further damage to the bone and surrounding soft tissue. Paramedics are skilled in immobilization and treatment of the injured and preparing them for transport using advanced splinting devices and medication.


Paramedics are trained to administer a variety of basic to narcotic medications depending on the injury or medical conditions presented.

Other Supplies

Medical bags Canada can also include other supplies as well. Those include:

  • Burn Dressing
  • Obstetrical
  • Mass Casualty
  • Infection Control

Whether you are an experienced Paramedic or a newly graduated medic, it is imperative to have a properly stocked medical trauma bags. For the best paramedic equipment Canada reach out to Sands Canada today for more information.