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Model: 93208

Pedi-Padz II Pediatric Pads for Zoll Green AED

The ZOLL AED Plus® Intelligent Pediatric Capability includes voice and text prompts that tell rescuers that Pedi-padz® II are connected, ensuring that the proper defibrillator electrodes are being used. When a cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half of the victims will ..
Model: 92272


 Infant/child SMART pads cartridge provide one set of defibrillation pads for use on pediatric patients ages 8 years of age and under or those weighing 25kg (55lbs) or less. Designed for use with pediatric patients, these pads instruct the defibrillator to provide voice instructions appropriate..
Model: 92271

Philips Adult Smart Pads Cartridge M5071A

The Philips HeartStart OnSite adult SMART pads come in an easy to use cartridge that attaches to the HeartStart OnSite AED. The cartridge can be easily snapped into the AED when replacing the pads. The Pull-Handle allows the rescuer to quickly and easily tear open the pads by just pulling down on ma..
Model: 92252

Philips Heartstart FR2 Battery, M3863A

Replacement battery for Heartstart FR2, battery model M3863A..
Model: 92262

Philips SMART Pads II - 1/PR

These Philips HeartStart FRx AED Defibrillator - SMART Pads II (989803139261) are multi-function AED Defibrillator Pads which can be used on Adults, Infants and Children.Please note: In order to use these pads on infants and children the Philips HeartStart FRx Infant/Child Key must be..
Model: 93201

Powerheart® AED G3 Adult Pads

These Adult AED Defibrillation Pads are non-polarized so that either pad can be placed in either location, simplifying the rescue. These defibrillation pads can be used with all Powerheart Automated External Defibrillators.One set of pads...
Model: 93202

Powerheart® AED G3 Pediatric Pads

These reduced-energy child/pediatric defibrillation pads work with all 9200 and 9300 series AEDs, enabling rescuers to provide defibrillation therapy to children who are less than 8 years of age or who weigh less than 55 pounds.One set of pads...
Model: 93204

Powerheart® AED G3 Trainer

The Powerheart AED G3 Trainer is the perfect way to familiarize your team with the operation of the Powerheart AED as well as keep their AED skills fresh between recertification courses.  The Trainer comes with one set of training pads and remote control.Language: English..
Model: 93020

Powerheart® AED G5 Intellisense Battery

A single Intellisense® battery is all that is needed to power your Powerheart® G5 AED.  This dependable, medical-grade battery is tested rigorously at Cardiac Science and then tested each day it is installed in your Powerheart G5 AED for presence and functionality to ensure readiness. Using pat..
SHORT EXPIRY MAY 2021 TRAINING ONLY - Covidien Kendall 1310P Multi-Function Defibrillation Electrodes/Pads
-92 %
Model: 92256-CLEAR

SHORT EXPIRY MAY 2021 TRAINING ONLY - Covidien Kendall 1310P Multi-Function Defibrillation Electrodes/Pads

SHORT EXPIRY MAY 2021 Kendall™ defibrillation electrodes are value priced defibrillation electrodes that are appropriate for less clinically sensitive areas. They connect directly to your defibrillator without the use of adaptors.Use with LifePack Defibs # LP500, LP1000, LP12, LP20, LP25..
$5.00 $59.99
Model: 93014

Standard Data Card, DDC-2001

The DDC-2001 is a Standard Data Card that provides up to 30 hours of ECG/event data storage.  It is compatible with the Lifeline View, Lifeline Pro and Lifeline ECG AED's from Defibtech...
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