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Model: 77514
Perfect for home, office or cottage!KIT CONTAINS:1 x 99300 First Aid box1 x 97374 50 pack assorted bandages1 x 12006 First Aid guide book4 x 97200 2" roll gauze4 x 97400 4" roll gauze1 x 97201 1" medical tape12 x 96412 4x4 sterile gauze1 x 97444 4x4 compress1 x 97446 6x6 compress1 x 15020 bandage sc..
Model: 77515
The Adventure Kit is a must-have kit when heading out to the wilderness.  Whether it is climbing, hiking, or camping, the Adventure kit should be packed along with your gear.  Built in a convenient fanny pack for easy transportation.Contents:red crossbody bag - 1mylar rescue blanket - 1San..
Airway Case - Stocked Airway Case - Stocked
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Model: 38009
Stocked Airway kit features a set a 8 oral airways and 4 popular nasopharyngeal airways in a protective module bag.Kit includes:Airway CaseOral 000/pink/40mmOral 00/blue/50mmOral 0/black/60mmOral 1/white/70mmOral  2/green/80mmOral 3/yellow/90mmOral  4/red/100mmOral 5/orange/110mmRusch..
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Model: 77510
Keep a basic first kit around the home in case of emergencies!  Contents:QtyItem QtyItem1Sting Relief (10 pack) 1First Aid Scissors5(Pair) Disposable Nitrile Gloves 62" x 2" Sterile Gauze Pads14" Gauze Rolls 22" x 3" Patch Bandage12" Compression Wrap 6PAWS Antimicr..
Model: 77512
Kit consists of:1 - 4" Gauze roll1 - combat style application tourniquet5 - Large gloves (pair)2 - Large Pressure dressing1 - 7.5" Shears1 - Asherman chest seal1 - Accessory module..
Model: 77508
The BLS Rescue Pack is ideal for social gatherings, sporting events, working environments, and for the security of personal preparedness.  A great value for a great price! Includes:QtyItem QtyItem1Kit Bag 1Waterjel Lotion, 4oz2Waterjel 4" x 4" Pads 1Mylar Foil Blanket1Parame..
Model: 80101
MEETS MINISTRY STANDARDSThe OB Kit has been designed and packaged for the pre-hospital birth.   With births outside of the hospital being high risk, Sands has designed this OB Kit to protect both the patient and emergency care workers.  Boxed to meet ministry standards, and clearly labelle..
Model: 94411
If you work or live around an area where you could be burned, then you should have a Burn Kit on hand!  Our kit comes in a hard plastic, carry & hang, case.  Burn Kit in a Box! Includes:1 - First Aid Box 14" x 9.5" x 3"1 - Bandage Scissors1 - Forceps2 - Rolls 1" Waterproof Ta..
Model: 94412
Perfect to keep on hand for treatment of burns!Kit contains:small bag2 x 4" Gauze Rolls #974001 x Shears #15096BK1 x Cool Blaze packets #943174 x 3"x4" non adherent pads #981341 x pkg gloves #802861 x 5"x9" ABD pad 968091 x 4x4 compress #974441 x 6x6 compress #974461 x 2x6 Waterjel #944001 x 4x4 Wat..
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Model: 77518
Keeping some minor first aid items around during sporting events can help an injured player.  Sands has put together the following kit for coaches or parents attending sporting events.Contents:QtyItem QtyItem42" x 3" Large Patch Bandages 101" x 3" Fabric Bandages11" White Medical Tape..
Model: 77527
An all in one, handy outdoor activities first aid kit.  Contains all you need to prepared for bumps or bruises in the great outdoors.  Great gift idea!Kit contains:1 - Fanny Pack (BLACK)1 - Cool Blaze2 - Eye Pads10 - Fabric Bandages2 - Knuckle Bandages2 - Fingertip Bandages2 - Large Patch ..
Model: 12022
Kit consists of:Nylon Hip Holsterreusable penlight7.5" ShearsLister bandage scissorsKelly Forceps4Square Classic stethoscope..
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