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Model: 6071X
 Normal Saline IV Solutions - 0.9% NS I.V. Solutions.Item #60710 - 250ml - $4.50/eaItem #60711 - 500ml - $4.70eaItem #60712 - 1000ml - $5.39/ea..
Model: 60500
High-transparency barrel – makes it easy to see syringe content.Silicone lubrication – ensures smooth plunger movement.Safe plunger backstop – prevents accidental withdrawal of plunger.Large and stable finger grip – ensures stability and comfort during injection.1 ml Luer Lock Sy..
2020 Dose by Growth Pediatric Dosing Chart 2020 Dose by Growth Pediatric Dosing Chart
-53 %
Model: 53012
Maximized Content - wide variety of medications all within EMT-P scope, based on NASEMSO National Model EMS Clinical Guidelines.  Includes narcotics and many other medications commonly used by paramedics yet omitted from other tapes.Easier to use - reduced clutter, larger font sizes, ..
$15.00 $32.00
Model: 60501
Latex free, 3ml syringe only with luer lock tip.Box of 100 units. ..
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Model: 11185
Advil 12 Hour is designed with dual-layer technology for up to 12 hours of pain relief with one pill. A quick burst for relief that’s fast. Extended release for relief that lasts.FOR FAST AND EFFECTIVE RELIEF OF:Muscle painBack painJoint painArthritis painPain of inflammation..
$3.99 $4.79
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Model: 11187
For fast and effective relief of: headaches minor aches pain associated with muscles, joints and backacheFor fast and effective relief of: pain from inflammation associated with arthritis or physical overexertionFor fast and effective relief of: toothacheFor fast and effective relief of: menstrual p..
$2.49 $3.91
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Model: 11188
Advil Liqui-Gels act fast to relieve mild to moderate migraine headaches including associated symptoms of nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound, non-migraine headaches, menstrual pain, backache and muscle pain.For temporary relief of•mild to moderate migraine headaches including associated symp..
$5.49 $7.63
Model: 96260
For over 30 years, After Bite's pharmacist-preferred formula has provided instant itch relief for bites from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and other common insects - so there's no more scratching! The proprietary mix of soothing ingredients acts fast when you need it most. Be prepared with After Bite and..
Model: 96257
Provides fast relief from the pain and itch of insect stings and bitesInvisible and stainless formula evaporates leaving skin dryConvenient size fits into purses, pockets and pouchesIndividually packaged in compact single-use foil sachets..
Model: 96270
The Alcohol Prep pads are used as an antiseptic topical skin cleanser prior to an injection and disinfection of cuts and wounds.Helps reduce bacteria content that could cause skin infectionsAir dries quickly requiring no wipingIndividually wrapped in water-resistant packagesLatex- FreeFor single use..
Model: 2536x
TWO RECOMMENDED DOSESALLERJECT 0.15 mg    Intended for people who weigh 15 to 30 kg ALLERJECT 0.3 mg      Intended for people who weigh 30kg or moreDESIGNED TO BE EASY TO CARRYIn one U.S. study, 45% of people who had been prescribed an auto..
Model: 11179
ASPIRIN® 81mg may help save your life if you think you are having a heart attack and is also the #1 doctor-recommended brand of low dose ASA for doctor-supervised long-term preventive therapy.Daily low dose ASPIRIN® 81mg has a special enteric coating on each tablet to allow it to pass undi..
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