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Personal Bags

Model: 12307

B-7 Roll Duffle Bag

Another bag that started life with another use and has morphed into a multi-use gear bag.We originally started to make this bag for Paramedic Services as a Collar Bag, then medics started to buy it as a personal bag. Even now, we still see this bag on Ambulances twenty years after they initially pur..
Model: 12315N

Personal Duffel Bag

The Personal Duffel Bag is a larger bag compared to the B-8, but is still ideal for EMS wear, uniforms, etc. It will carry a helmet, winter jacket, lunch and a whole lot more. This bag makes for a great collar bag. It can hold a ton of equipment; 2 sets of collars, CID's, 2 sets of straps and anythi..
Model: 77836

Sonder Travel Bag

SONDER FEATURE VIDEO!You're packing your gear for a weekend trip or longer. Your bags are packed, you have everything all set but your sunglasses, your tickets, itinerary, cell phone and charger, paperback, the mini tablet, pen, lotion, gum and more are all spread on the bed. Grab the Sonder, y..
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