The very nature of accidents is that they are never planned. There is no way to predict when and where an accident might happen. This means injuries can happen at any time. It also means that it is important to have an emergency medical kit on hand. This means it is important to have one at home and in the office. Whenever people work together there is a chance of injury and accidents. That’s why it’s not only important to have a first-aid kit but also to have it stocked with the appropriate medical kit supplies.

Why Does an Office Need a First-Aid Kit?

Accidents are both inevitable and unforeseeable, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared for them. Below are the most important reasons for a place of business or an office to have a first-aid kit.

  • Nobody Can Predict What Might Happen
  • It is a Legal Responsibility
  • Emergency Preparedness

Nobody Can Predict What Might Happen

When there is a risk of injury, whether in factories, warehouses, or other business locations, it is imperative to have a medical kit available. If first-aid is rendered when industrial accidents happen, the fatality rate is reduced by 60%. 

It is a Legal Responsibility

Having a portable medical kit is a legal requirement for all employers no matter the type of industry or work setting. It is important to state that the first-aid kit is not just meant to treat employees who might get injured on the job but anyone who is on company property. This might be visitors from other companies, family members, or delivery personnel. Because it is a legal consideration, companies typically maintain and readily restock first-aid kits. One also needs to keep in mind that natural disasters and fires can strike at any time too. It isn’t just accidents which cause harm. First-aid treatment can and does save lives each and every day across the globe.

Emergency Preparedness

When employees are informed a first-aid kit is onsite, it creates a positive psychological effect. They know that their employer is taking steps to ensure their safety. When they know there are tools and supplies in the form of first-aid kits on the premises it is reassuring and calming. It is also important for employees to know where the first-aid kits are stored and how to use the materials inside. It won’t do anyone any good if no one knows where the kit is stored. It is also mandated that a responsible person routinely checks the contents to replenish items when they are used and expired items replaced. 

Final Thoughts

For more than thirty years, Sands Canada has been providing the highest quality emergency medical kits and associated medical kit supplies. Why not find out why industrial and residential customers across Canada trust Sands for all of their medical supply needs? Contact us today to find out more.